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GlobeDrop - Story Telling

No description

Kelvin Jay Olimba

on 1 September 2014

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Transcript of GlobeDrop - Story Telling

Bright colors are her favorites,
but she also likes to draw in
‘earthy’ hues like green and brown.
Happy Homes
Unfortunately, she lacks the means to do so. Saya can’t paint without the art materials that she needs
Meanwhile, there is this kind man
on the other side of the world.
His name is Robert.

He likes to travel and at
the same time, do his
social responsibilities…

Its a good thing
there is internet
But at some point, there are areas that
are not accessible with it

With the help of the internet, he is able
to look for organizations
in just one click.

So how are these
sponsors able
to find them?
Through an internet connection, your computer and mobile devices…
will help you out
GlobeDrop is a Non-Profit Organization with a mission to connect people to social & charity organizations around the world.

GlobeDop is for anyone willing to contribute to changing the social ecosystem through ethical travel and spreading social awareness.

Donating even $1 worth of items is a big help. We believe that if each one of us gives to an organization that is dedicated to help others, we can make a difference.
So how does
it work
we will give you the
nearest organizations
nearby your place.

Our search feature can immediately help you find for establishments nearby your travel spot
When the delivery date is near, it’s now time to buy the items you pledged to donate
Prepare your list
and collect all
the items
You are now one step closer to making Saya happy when she receives her new
art materials!
and if you're not familiar with the
place where to find all the rest
of the items, then worry no more.
With this buy info feature, we can help you locate to the nearest store as possible where to buy the items
The day has come to deliver!
See the smiles
in their face
The social
responsibility you do
The in-kind
you give
Saya wants to draw this on a canvas because it inspires her and she wants to be an artist someday.
Would mean a chance for kids like Saya to be able to continue their aspirations
Your helping hand can carry out
happiness in the community
Through GlobeDrop, we are now able to travel the world at the same time do our social responsibilities in just one click
Together with GlobeDrop, let us
In some instances, you would discover an organization that wants to take part in Geomuling but is not able to do so.
Through GlobeDrop, you can reach out to thousands of social organizations around the world
As travelers, we do a lot of activities. Why not include doing social responsibilities in our travel itinerary?
Choose any organization you want to visit
Charity Establishment
All the details you will need to know about the establishment will be provided to you.
The items listed are the ones that are currently needed by the establishment
Once you have chosen an establishment to visit and donate to, click Deliver
Select Your Donations
Schedule the delivery date of
when you want to visit the
charity establishment
Drag the slider to the desired quantity of the item you want to donate
Send your delivery request
by clicking Next
The simple donation you just made? For children like Saya, it is priceless.
This is Saya. Ever since she was really young,
she loved to draw and paint.
When you receive an approval
to deliver, you’re set to go
Travel & Buy
the Goods

Travel to your
She lives in a children’s home
and wakes up to this beautiful
scenery outside her window.
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