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Brandon Wai

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Monsoon


What is a Monsoon?

A Monsoon in India

What are the Characteristics of a Monsoon? How does a Monsoon Work? Where can a Monsoon be Found? Works Cited

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Monsoon. Digital image. 22 Apr. 2010. <http://www.lasg.ac.cn/staff/ljp/monsoon/monsoon1.gif>. Temperature:

- High all year round Monsoon climate

- Highest temperature just before rainy period

- Once rainy period starts, clouds block incoming solar radiation reducing monthly temperatures Precipitation:

- Annual amount of precipittion is similar to rainforest climate
- Concentrated in high sun season
- High pressure affects precipitation. Wind:

- Summer Monsoon: Wind blows from the cool ocean surface to warm continents.
- Winter Monsoon: Wind patterns are reversed.
Little solar energy -> Continents cool rapidly as radiation travels outside the atmosphere.

Winter Monsoons bring clear dry weather and winds from land to sea. Monsoon zones exist all around the world, for example Chile, North America, Africa and Australia, and not just in India and south-east Asia where we are most familiar with them. Indian monsoon

Beginning from early-June and continuing to September

More than 90% of annual precipitation in central and western India, and more than 50-75% of southern and northwestern India

At peak of monsoon, July and August, monthly precipitation is 200 to 300 East Asian monsoon

East Asian monsoon is divided into two parts; summer and winter monsoon.

It is very different from Indian monsoon which have no winter monsoon.

In the case of summer monsoon, there are heavy rain and humid weather.
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