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Welcome to RPCV/W

A quick overview of the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Washington, DC

Chris Robinson

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Welcome to RPCV/W

Welcome to RPCV/ W
The DC Metro region is home to more Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) than anywhere else
In 1979, we formed a group dedicated to local and international service.

In 1991, we incorporated as an independent nonprofit.

We work in government, we own businesses, we teach, we represent the country abroad, we hold office...
In RPCV/W, we gather to serve the community and have fun!
Peace Corps encourages its alumni to continue serving their communities once their 2-3 year tours are over
Membership in RPCV/W is not dependent on Peace Corps Service.

Anyone can join. Dues were set at $15 per year in 1985... and haven't changed since!

RPCV/W welcomes Americorps Volunteers, VISTA alums, and anyone with an interest in the group.
In 1979, they formed a group dedicated to local and international service.

In 1991, they incorporated as an independent nonprofit.

They work in government, they own businesses, they teach, they represent us abroad, they hold office...
In RPCV/W, they gather to serve the community and have fun!

Our members come from all backgrounds and professions

We support mentoring and hold regular career panels and networking events

We maintain active Linkedin and Facebook groups, where introductions are made, jobs are shared, informational interviews are arranged, and careers are launched.
Careers are a big deal
We plan monthly service projects with local organizations
We help them recruit volunteers through our newsletter
Each year, our members vote for one to receive a grant and special support. We call this our Partnership for Peace
Did you know?
Public Events and Ceremonies
DC is a region of public signficance, so we often participate
in special events. In addition to organizing anniversary events for Peace Corps milestones, we hold an annual ceremony of remembrance
at the gravesite of John F. Kennedy, who launched the
agency in 1961. We also participate in public forums.
Who can join?
Membership Benefits
Discounted event prices
Access to Linkedin Group and online job feed
Career counseling and mentoring
Permission to advertise fundraisers
Ability to propose or lead events
Member deals for third-party events
Voting rights
click to learn more
Getting Involved
Volunteer mobilization
Community crowdsourcing
Group events and offers
International expertise
Joint project planning
Public event sharing
Storytelling and press
We welcome the following inquiries:
Visit www.rpcvw.org/contact

/events to browse and RSVP for events

/blog to read the latest news

/programs to see our long-term activities

/join to become a member

Thanks for visiting us!
Be sure to check out these pages:
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