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Benjamin Franklin

No description

kurt crouse

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin By Kurt








A penny saved is a penny earned.
An egg today is better than a hen tomorow.
When the well is dry we know the worth of water.
Nothing but money is sweeter than honey.
Haste makes waste.

I opened my own print shop In 1729 I started a newspaper called The Pennsylvania Gazette.
In1732 I wrote A famous

book about my experiences.
I published Poor Richards Almanac.
It included weather forecasts,jokes,Riddles,and poems it also included many of my sayings.
My Childhood continued
By the age of seven I taught myself how to read and write.But I wasn't very good at math.
When I was eight years old my parents sent me to a famous school the Boston Latin School.
They took me out of school two years later to work at my father's shop.
When I was 12 I was sent to live with my older brother James.
My brother owned a newspaper called The New England Courant.

I was born in Boston ,Massachusetts on January,1706
Massachusetts was one of the thirteen colonies ruled by Britain.
I was the third youngest of 17 children.
I began America's first General Hospital and also started one of America's first libraries.I thought that our national symbol should have been a Turkey so I went around telling people to vote for the Turkey. When it was time to vote the Bald Eagle won.The Turkey lost by one vote.
When I was seventeen I decided to move on because my brother and I never really got along so I left Boston for good.
I headed for Philadelphia,Pennsylvania in 1723 and I quickly found a job at a printing shop.

Once I rode a horse through a storm and chased a whirlwind three quarters of a mile to learn more about storms.
Top Ten List
Top Ten list
9. I wrote Poor Richards Almanac
8.I started one of America's first libraries.
7.I opened my own print shop in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania.
top ten
6.I invented the Glass Harmonica
top ten
I invented the Lightning Rod.
I had to leave school when I was ten to help my dad at his candle and soap shop.
When I was twelve my dad sent me to work in a printing shop as an a apprentice the owner of the shop was my older brother.
I wrote my first Article for my brother's newspaper his newspaper was called The New England Courant.
I opened my own print shop in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.
I was born January,17 1706 I was the tenth child out of sixteen kids and I was the youngest son.
I went to school when I was eight I had neat handwriting and I was a good reader too but I was not good at math.
10. I wrote my first Article for my brother's Newspaper The New England Courant
I ran away from Boston when I was seventeen years old. I went to Philadelphia,Pennsylvania.
Who was Ben Franklin
Ben Franklin
Benjamin Franklin a man of many talents
Benjamin Franklin

I married Deborah Read I had three children named William,Sahara,and Francis.
I went to France to try to convince the French Government to help America.
3.I began Americas first general hospital.
I invented Bifocal Glasses.
Why I chose my notable
I chose him because he was a man of many talents and was a hard working man.All of the things he did helped build America.
4.I invented the Franklin Stove.
1.I helped write the Declaration of Independence.
I flew a kite in a thunder storm and felt a shock when lightning struck the kite and hit the key.I proved that lightning was the same as electricity.
I died on April ,17 1790 at the age of 84. 20,000 people attended my funeral in Philadelphia!
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