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Propaganda - techniques and use

Stacey Bangerter

on 21 October 2010

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Transcript of Propaganda

propaganda A persuasive form of communication used by those who wish to influence the behaviour, thoughts, beliefs and values of other people Why? Public Service: drinking and driving, smoking

Usually negative: elections, marketing, genocide... techniques Insults
Playing on Fears
Testimonials INSULTS Link between person/idea and negative symbol

Commie, queer, pig GeneralITIES Using a familiar idea to link it to another goal

Democracy = reason for war in Iraq EUPHEMISMS Describe a negative situation using positive words

War Department became "Department of Defense" EXAMPLES OF PROPAGANDA Not successful versus failing Is the speaker exaggerating the fear or threat in order to obtain my support?
How legitimate is the fear that the speaker is provoking?
Will performing the recommended action actually reduce the supposed threat? PLAYING ON FEAR - BE AWARE! Hitler understood propaganda well. He said simplification and repetition were the key to persuading the masses. In German propaganda you see complex ideas turned into simple easily remembered slogans which were repeated again and again until they entered the unconscious of the German people. In groups of 2 or 3, think about the propaganda you witness on a daily basis. What are being convinced to believe? How are you being convinced or influenced? Is this a positive or negative campaign of propaganda? Discussion
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