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Sophia Rutaquio

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of URC

PHILOSOPHY AND AIMS MAP AND LOCATION OPENING HOURS NAME AND TYPE OF FACILITY URC •http://www.abc.net.au/health/consumerguides/stories/2005/10/15/1836929.htm#.UVLMISpwZ7J

•http://www.howmuchisit.org/how-much-does-a-wetsuit-cost/ Facilities:
- archery field
- athletics track
- multi-purpose field/oval
- swimming pools
- kids area
- cycling/BMX tracks
- the beach
- rock climbing walls
- indoor versions of some facilities
- rooms for small indoor activities and sport meetings
- hockey/ice hockey rink
- dance studio
- gym
- martial arts room
- boxing ring for boxing and other similar contact sports
- golf course
- courts - for tennis, badminton, basketball, netball etc...
- skate park
- hall/gymnasium - for other physical activities and gymnastics
- ice skating/rollerblading rink
- obstacle course with high ropes etc...
- analysing room - a room that uses technology to confirm the status of the body (heart rate, speed of movement etc)
- rough track - for cross country events
- land ball zorbing - land area/field
- paintball mission field open...
Monday to Friday: 5:00 am - 8:00 pm
Saturday: 6:00 am - 6:00 pm
Sunday: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Public Holidays: Closed The chosen name of this facility is URC,
which is an acronym standing for; Ultimate Recreational Centre.

The URC is not just made up of one facility, but a wide variety! We have the widest range of activities compared to others, to help you have the best health and well being possible! Health Facilities

Year 8 Health and Physical Education Semester 1 Assignment PROSPECTUS S&E Enterprises proudly presented by; SERVICES AND FACILITIES OFFERED COST OF EACH SERVICE AND FACILITY OFFERED OTHER INFORMATION AND DETAILS EXTRAS AND FUTURE PROPOSALS BIBLIOGRAPHY ASSIGNMENT SUM - UPS The centre is located in Mountjoy Parade, Lorne VIC 3232. It is
allocated on a large block of land that is right in front of Lorne beach. It is a good place to be seen by people, attracting them with the architecture of the building, its features and wonderful location! Here are some pictures of the location:
We are aiming to create a magnificent structure where the whole community can come in and work on their fitness, in the sake of creating a more healthier and safer atmosphere. The idea is to have a one stop shop of fitness. It's the only one you need! We want it to be the ultimate in sporting, health and wellbeing and recreational facilities; putting a better lifestyle on offer through the use of this amazing facility. You could compare it to a jumbo package... it's clever, contemporary, new, fresh, enjoyable and a brilliant resource for the community.
It's already going to hold many different facilities and sports in one, but the list can continue to grow by people having the choice to submit suggestions and feedback about an activity that wants to be added, improvements or our achievements, by going to the feedback desk. Another goal for us is to decrease our interference and impact on the environment surrounding the site. With the idea of using renewable energy and other methods such as solar panels, efficient lighting and insulation, the centre will hopefully be an environmentally friendly place, also influencing others to reduce their carbon footprints.
So, to sum thing up, the URC is a lifestyle centre, health centre and sporting centre all in one! It could be the key to better health and fitness! S&E Enterprises are always willing to take on a challenge, think out of the box and explore the limits. This project is already known to be very costly, but it will be worth it in the end. Health services:
- relaxation station - includes massage, spa, sauna etc...
- yoga classes and meditation
- antenatal classes
health practitioners and clinic doctors such as:
- physiotherapists
- occupational therapists
- psychologists
- dieticians
- podiatrists
- exercise physiologists
- speech pathologists
- osteopaths
- chiropractors
- audiologists Other activities and sports available:
- extreme sports - ball zorbing (land), giant swing
- minor activities - ping pong, table tennis etc...
- sporting classes, clubs, training sessions, weight loss sessions etc...
- cross country competitions
- water sports - water skiing, swimming, canoeing, snorkelling, diving, surfing, scuba diving and ball zorbing (in water) Other building features:
- reception/front desk - reservations are issued, signing, membership etc...
- inquiry desk - right next to the front desk where questioning is done
- cafeteria/canteen
- rooms for staff and meetings
- equipment desk - where equipment is available to be obtained, but could come with a price varying to what type of sport and equipment needed, and availability. But customers are welcome to bring their own supplies
- notice board & feedback desk - for timetables, suggestions from visitors and customers etc...
- URC shop - where URC branded merchandise and others are available for purchase
- Extreme sports desk - where extreme sports are issued
- Building for health programs and services/clinic Pricelist: (16+ = adult, below 16 = concession/youth, no charge for those joining activities just to supervise or watch (example; those supervising kids on the sidelines)
***special offers are applicable at certain times and occasions.

. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us on 1800 762 398.
For more details and information, just visit our website - www.urc.com.au

***the base of our pricing is usually $3 for concession and $6 for adults *Relaxation station: Sauna: $40 for 30 minutes per person, Massage: starting from $50 for 30 minutes per person, Spa: $40 for 30 minutes per person
*Yoga classes and meditation: Starting from $17 adult, $14 concession
*Antenatal classes: Starting from $45
*Physiotherapy: Starting from $65
*Occupational therapy: Starting from $85
*Psychology: Starting from $40
*Dietetics: First consultation: starting from $75, Following sessions: starting from approx. $50
*Podiatry: Starting from $48
*Exercise physiology: Starting from $67
Speech pathology: Starting from $45
*Osteopathy: Starting from $70
*Chiropractic: First consultation: starting from approx $65, Following sessions: starting from approx $40
*Audiology: Starting from $50 *Overall access pass: Unlimited pass to all facilities, including membership. Excluding health services and water sports; for more enquire 'health services' and 'water sports'.
approx. Passes 12 months: $1000 adult, $890 youth, 6 months: $500 adult, $445 youth, 1 month: $83 adult, $74 youth
*Grand membership: Membership to cover all facilities. Not unlimited. Excluding health services and water sports; for more enquire 'health services' and water sports'
approx. Memberships 12 months: $750 adult, $640 youth, 6 months: $375 adult, $320 youth, 1 month: $62.50 adult, $53 youth *Cafeteria/canteen: Varying from the product - specific price list is shown on our website www.urc.com.au
*URC shop: Varying on the product - specific price list is shown on our website www.urc.com.au
*Equipment desk: Varying on the equipment - specific price list is shown on our website www.urc.com.au *Water skiing: Starting from $30 - $40
*Canoeing: Ranging from $26 to $40
*Snorkelling and diving: Snorkelling: $46 adult, $30 concession, Diving: Starting from $45
*Surfing: Lessons: Starting from $25, Experienced or independent: Free, Equipment: Starting from $10
*Lorne beach: URC's use of Lorne beach is free!
*Water ball zorbing: Starting from $35 and varies with wanted session
*Swimming pools: Casual pool = $6.80 adult, $5.80 concession, $18 family
*Scuba diving: Ranging from $100 - $200 *Sport and dance classes: Find our ranging prices on www.urc.com.au
*Sport and dance clubs: Find our ranging prices on www.urc.com.au
*Training sessions: Find our ranging prices on www.urc.com.au
*Weight loss sessions: Starting from $25 per session per person *Cycling track: $3 concession, $6 adult
*Rough track: Free
*BMX track: $6 concession, $12 adult, starters = $19
*Skate park: $3 concession, $6 adult
*Archery field - archery: Casual Field = $3 concession, $6 adult, orientation for adults and children over 9 = $19 ea, following training sessions = $14 ea
*Land ball zorbing field: Starting from $50 and varies with wanted session
*Athletics track: Casual track = $3 concession, $6 adult
*Multi-purpose field/oval: Casual oval = $3 concession, $6 adult
*Golf course - golf: Starting from $19 adult, $14 concession
*Courts - tennis, basketball ,netball etc..: $3 concession, $6 adults Name of the facility / service and their price: *Kids area: Free = applicable only to the free area, $3 = applicable only to the priced area
*Obstacle course with high ropes etc...: $50 adults, $45 concession
*The giant swing: $15 adult, $10 concession (multiple swings...)
*Paintball missions: Starting from $15 per person Day and Time: This is the facility and company's logo: # We have the equipment required to perform the sports that you want, which are available to customers at the equipment desk, but could come with a price varying to what type of sport and equipment needed, and availability. But feel free to bring your own equipment. # Take a visit to the URC's community notice board and feedback desk. This is where you have the chance to give in your opinion of our facility. You can also view timetables of various classes, clubs and meetings as well as many other notices. # The URC is a lifestyle centre, health centre and sporting centre all in one!
# If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us on 1800 762 398.

# For more details and information, just visit our website - www.urc.com.au Like us on Facebook tweet on twitter! or Another special thing about the URC is that we have a closing message. Unlike others that just lock the doors, pack up and flip the closed sign the right way, we announce a little parting greeting, which could slightly change every time it is said over the loud speaker. So, when the day is over, we do this to let everyone know that it's closing time, leaving with an appreciating message from us: "We appreciate your efforts here today, and we hope you have enjoyed using and experiencing our facility. Wether if you're just here to explore our facilities, attend classes or clubs, walking in as a part of our staff, maybe a member that comes often or simply for training, keep in mind that your helping us get the community into healthy shape. So thank you for your co-operation and participation in the growth of the URC!" Lines, quotes, opinions and statements: Want to make your lifestyle even better than it is now? Well, make the URC in Lorne part of it, getting you healthy and actively fit! Great staff, top quality facility, great community, amazing location... perfect! "The new sporting whiz in town"
"The new sporting buzz in town"
"The one and only!"
"The one stop place/ one stop central to healthy wellbeing"
The ultimate in: sporting, health and wellbeing, recreational facilities"
"Makes the lifestyle even better!" Possible future projects: (but the first)
*URC - the combined sporting dream!
**URC snow facility - we head to the snow!
**URC health facility - we focus on your health! •http://www.koonwarraspa.com.au/day-spa-treatment-prices.htm
http://courses.golfdigest.com/app-question/5695/What-is-the-average-golf-course-green-fee OUR
SOURCES: (all from the web) The assignment sheet and rubrick: BY 8B 2013 HPE Facility Assignment Sophia Rutaquio & Evangelina Chain. *Hall/gym: $3 concession, $6 adult
*Rink - ice skating: $13 adult, $10 concession
*Rink - rollerblading: $8 each for all ages
*Rink - ice hockey / hockey court: Ice hockey rink: $13 adult, $10 concession, Hockey court: $3 concession, $6 adult
*Ring - boxing and other similar contact sports: $3 concession, $6 adult
*Martial arts: $15 adult, $12 concession - for first lesson here
*Gym: Approx $20 weekly, $80 monthly (membership)
*Analysing room: Starting from a price of $30
*Dance studio: Free
*Rooms for small indoor activities: Free
*Rooms for sports meetings: Free
*Rock climbing walls / rock climbing: $15 adults, $10 concession
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