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NXT Generation

No description

Ashley Coffman

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of NXT Generation

NXT Generation:
It's Not Science Fiction Anymore
Ashley Coffman
Claudio Zavala
Monica Abrams
Lynn Gustafson
Kimberly Brown
About Us
Mansfield ISD

32,900 students

42 schools - 6 high, 6 middle, 6 intermediate, 22 elementary, Career Tech Academy, and alternative campus
First Steps
Experience + Alignment MISD Strategic Plan

Site visit to Denton ISD

Pilot at Willie Brown Elementary in 2011-12 school year

Training for Tech Apps teachers
Phase 1: $90,000

LEGO Education Smart Schools Grant

Technology Development matched funds

MISD Education Foundation Grant
264 WeDo sets and resource packs (12 sets and packs at all 22 elementary campuses)

Curriculum Integration
102 NXT Mindstorms Sets
5 sets and resource packs @ 14 elementary schools
8 sets and resource packs @ 4 secondary campuses

After-School Robotics Clubs
Build Support
Technology Team Building/Training

Meetings with secondary principals and sponsors

Elementary Principal Demonstration
2 days of initial training in April and May with LEGO trainers

2 days of follow-up training in October
Ben Barber Career Tech Academy

Fighting Pickles and Crusading Cucumbers robotics students serve as mentors
Robotics Clinic in November
Construction class built 18 robotics tables
My Big Campus

Used to communicate and collaborate, share ideas and resources, store documents
Started as pilot in September 2011

24 students (4th Grade)

Competed in TCEA Area 10/11 Contest
Get started early!

Register for competitions and order mats as soon as they are available

Read the rules CAREFULLY!
Application & Essay

Teacher Recommendation

Must maintain good citizenship and grades (80 or above)
Tips for
Competitions . . . just do it!

Get parents involved

Set expectations and rules

YouTube is your best friend

Have fun!
Summer Camp
2-week camp

Open to upcoming 4th graders

Profit used to purchase additional kits

Gives you a headstart!
WeDo Robotics
Integrate core subjects into Technology Applications courses

District Tech Apps Curriculum
2nd Grade Science - Biomes
3rd Grade Science - Simple Machines
Time Challenges

Organization Tips
Expand program to all elementary, intermediate, and middle schools by Fall 2013
Challenge - finding (and keeping) sponsors

Participation in Junior FLL at several campuses

Curriculum integration into secondary science
Bots & Tots Program

District competition in May

Additional funding through corporate sponsors
"This was one of the most engaging teacher development classes I have ever taken. What some of us loved the most is that this was fun for girls too! We usually think of boys when we think robots. This would be a great way to infuse technology into the classroom."
- Kathy Moore
"Robotics rock! The students would benefit greatly from experimenting with robotics from younger students on up. It covers a lot of the TEKS and beyond."
- Kathleen Hunter
"The Robotics Training was awesome! This is an excellent way to incorporate Math, Science and even Language Arts with technology! All we need is $$ so our students can explore to world of robotics."
- D'Lynn Chaney
Robotics Clubs
WeDo Robotics
District Initiative
Moving Forward
You need to know everything about robotics.
You need to know more than your students.
You need a math/engineering mind.
You need to know everything about competitions.
Your students need to be Gifted & Talented.
Boys are better than girls at robotics.
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