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Ancient Greek Soldiers - Athenian Soldiers

No description

Jonas Rivera

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Ancient Greek Soldiers - Athenian Soldiers

Ancient Greek Soldiers - Athenian Soldiers Bibliography

(1) Athenian Education & Military Training [online], Available from URL: http://plaza.ufl.edu/tlombard/atheducation.html (accessed 1 June. 2013)
(2) Ancient Greek education - Greek Civilization [online], Available from URL: http://www.freewebs.com/greek-civilization/ancientgreekeducation.htm (accessed 1 June. 2013)
(3) Athenian Military Innovations [online], Available from URL: http://plaza.ufl.edu/tlombard/athinnovations.html (accessed 6 June. 2013) Ancient Athenian society was very different from Spartan society. One of the most major difference was military. Athens still had a large army, but unlike Sparta it didn't concentrate only just on military. Ancient Athens was determined to produce thinkers (philosophers) and people trained in the arts and science. Ancient Athens also got available for peace and war. Sparta had a nearly unstoppable ground force but Athens had a very dominant naval force. Education and Training Athenian boys would study, reading, writing, arithmetic (mathematics), music, dancing and gymnastics at school. .Athenian boys had a much less bitter training than Spartan boys did. While Spartan boys would be left to die out in the elements, Athenian boys would be doing athletics and sport. It was true that Spartans were much more tougher than Athenian. But Athenian were much more smarter. Athenian boys would be doing sports such as running, boxing and wrestling to keep them fit for war. All boys aged 18 were required to join the army for only two years. Naval Superiority Athens was the most dominant naval power for a century or more .Their innovation, the Athenian Trireme (pictured), changed the face of naval warfare.. At the time, naval warfare mainly consisted of tactics like boarding the enemy's ship or setting their ship on fire. This type of boat added a tactic of ramming enemy ships. What was special about the construction of the ship was its keel. Its keel stuck out three meters in front and was armoured with bronze plating. The keel became the ships primary weapon. Why the trireme could ram the opposition and the enemy could not was because the trireme could reach speeds other boats could not
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