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GENERATION Template Theory

No description

Faye Carpio

on 29 September 2013

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Transcript of GENERATION Template Theory

When one joins the work force he spends most of his waking hours on the JOB.
Socialization, positive experience, and availability of
successful models in one’s family are important
INGREDIENTS in choosing a career.

SOCIALIZATION is important in introducing
the child to the ways of living one’s culture.

are the
first a
gents of socialization.
The CULTURAL STAMP continues to influence behavior.
The CAREER of the parents or other significant
individuals are well observed at close range.
POSITIVE EXPERIENCES with the imitation imprint the schemata further and lead the way to choosing similar career options.
The presence of SUCCESSFUL MODELS and positive experiences enable an individual to do self-evaluation and increase one’s self-confidence.
These COGNITIVE PROCESSES lead to the inclusion of similar career options.
Circuitous career pathing can be explained by lack of CAREER GUIDANCE.
Assess client’s abilities and competencies
Collect information about the client’s personality
Surface information about immediate family environments in broadening career choices
Provide information about career requirements and opportunities
Integrate the data so that choices can be narrowed down
Thank You
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