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A look at the story Alejandro's Gift, by Richard E. Albert

No description

zachary freiley

on 19 March 2012

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Transcript of A look at the story Alejandro's Gift, by Richard E. Albert

Characters/Setting Main Idea Summary Alejandro's Gift
Alejandro is a lonely man
Alejandro realized he was less lonely when the animals came to visit him
Alejandro helps the animals and in return they help him 3 details for main idea A Fictional Story by Richard E. Albert

Illustrated by Sylvia Long Main Character: Alejandro Key Vocabulary companion-Friend
refresh-to make lke new again
cherished-well loved
furrows-long, narrow grooves cut in the ground
dwellers-people or animals who live in a place
drudgery-hard, boring, or unpleasant work
shunned-avoided on purpose Lonely in his house beside a road in the desert, Alejandro builds an oasis to attract the many animals around him. Alejandro learns about the animals need of feeling safe as well as their need for water. Alejandro not only gives a gift to the desert animals, but he also receives one.
Setting: A lonely house next to a road in the middle of a desert
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