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BFI Presentation

No description

Dave Harrison

on 4 July 2012

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Transcript of BFI Presentation

Videogame Journalist PR & Marketing G321 Institutions and Audiences Problems with videogames Terminology "Bethesda's Havok driven Triple A 3rd Party multi-format Sandbox RPG FPS with excellent DLC that pwns THQ's Metro 2033" Fall Out 3 Technology Difference between game & physics engines Latest developments: OnLive, Wii-U, PS-Vita, Next Gen, I Pad 3, Google/AppleTV It's always been Digital Lack of celebrity Gender split Non-gamers Activities beyond research Strengths It's 40 years old (ish) 1973 1970s - Rise Early 80s Decline Late 80s Rise of Nintendo Early 90s Sonic vs Mario Late 90s - PlayStation cool 2000s Market growth Present Day It evolves rapidly due as its tech driven Most people are gamers Games are nuts Gets some students talking vs Getting the right case study Rockstar Games + Easy to research + Loads of talking points Media ownership Marketing strategy New technology Censorship + Traditional production and business model Tips on research Fansites - Big hulking case studies can be confusing - Traditional production and business model - Obvious choices Other case studies No. 4 biggest selling game in the UK 2011 A record 13 weeks at number one Expanding Market - New Marketing New business model Long tail Intellectual Property Angry Birds Distribution Synergy Apps Limbo Indie games New aesthetic and originality Distribution Narrative structure Representations Same sex relationships Facebook marketing - minigames Mass Effect 3 World of Warcraft Business model Barriers to entry Identity Industry Developer - Publisher - Console - Retailer - Consumer Xbox Marketplace Developer - Console - Consumer Gaikai, OnLive Developer - Platform holder - Consumer Facebook? PlayStation4 Xbox720 Wii U Teaching stategies Personalised history Timelines Activity - purchasing and playing Select own case study and feedback Activities Emulators Create and market games http://www.sweetlandgame.blogspot.com/ How to be success of iTunes Raising Arizona Lesson FPS for PS3 Driving game for PC/Xbox Puzzle game for iPhone Platformer for the DS Games Dev Story Using Videogames in other area Media in the Online Age Identity Cosplay Roleplaying Regulation Morality and representation VS 1970 1980 1990 2000 2012 Game: Why it was significant What did you play it on Who did you play it with How did you buy it www.institutionsandaudiences.posterous.com 3rd party publisher NO DISCS!!! Narrative G325 Temple Run Sony buys Gaikai for $380 million
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