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The Boy Who Dared: Plot Diagram

No description

Emily Routzahn

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of The Boy Who Dared: Plot Diagram

By: Emily Routzahn The Boy Who Dared
Plot Diagram Exposition: Resolution: 1928 Hammerbrook, Hamburg. Helmuth, Mutti, Gerherd, and Hans are walking home. Rights are being taken away from the Germans so Helmuth rebels. He listens to forbidden radio stations and makes leaflets to inform people of the truth. Rising Action: Helmuth is caught with foreign information; his boss informed the Gestapo. Climax: Helmuth is questioned and tried in court, along with Rudi, Karl, and Düwer. Falling Action: Helmuth is sentenced to death and is executed because he dared to speak out.
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