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just a assignment in 2013

Chen Jenny

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Stereotype

Language, Culture & Communication
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Examples from everyday life
Summary of the self-selected movie
Source and snapshot of the movie clip
Examples from the movie clip
Social/cultural importance of relevant issues
Conclusion & Reflection

Ali, a country girl, loves singing and dancing. She went to L.A. to make her dream come true. One day ,when she passed a club, she found that it was a good opportunity to become a singer.
Social/cultural importance of relevant issues
Gender Equality
American dream
Fall 2013
Group #5

examples from our daily life
1) Based on the traditional thinking, mother should take care of the baby, when a mother has a baby girl, she might buy many dolls for her.
=> gender stereotype
2) Women used to undertake the burden of the house work, so most rule of the advertisement of washing powder is female.
=> media effect
Movie of the day: Burlesque (2010)
today we want to talk about....
in the movie
Examples of
from the movie clip
1) Club with beautiful girls dancing
=Strip club ?!
Why do people think so?
Gender Equality
Does Taiwan achieve gender equality?
What is gender equality?
an equal visibility, empowerment and participation of both sexes in all spheres of public and private life.
the acceptance and appreciation of their complementarity and diverse roles in society.
These stereotypes (e.g. sexual, values) pointed out in the movie are actually often be seen in our daily life. Not until we try to discuss how stereotype take place in the examples in the movie clip, did I realize how we get used to these phenomenon rather than have the eager to correct them. After this experience, at least, the next time when I encounter cases resemble to this, I will remind myself and say to myself,"Hey, this is a
In Burlesque (2010) we can see
of ...
2. how the concept of American dream takes
place in the movie clip
1. how social viewpoint toward special places
with beautiful and sexy woman shaking their
body in
how this movie influence us...

2. American dream: how the relating concept of
American dream influence our thought as well as
1. Gender Equality: how different aspect of society
thought toward genders and how the society taking
steps to improve gender equality
A stereotype is that we may have general thoughts about specific types (e.g. American Dream) of individuals. These thoughts may or may not be accurate. The stereotype may be from the media just like the movie (Burlesque), the advertisement (washing power), etc. in our daily life.
But, nowadays in many families, men also share the responsibilities of household duties with their wife.
3) American Dream
Most people always want to go to study in the America to have a degree to prove themselves.
The term “American dream” is used in many ways, but it essentially is an idea that suggests that anyone in the US can succeed through hard work and has the potential to lead a happy, successful life.
However, critics often point to examples of inequality rooted in class, race, religion and ethnicity that suggest that the American dream is not attainable for everyone.
What is American dream?
Most of people know that girls working in a strip club always wear hot. However most of them don’t understand what Burlesque is. That’s why when people saw these hot-wearing girls, people will think them from a strip club.
2) Ali left her hometown to L.A. because she thought, if she goes to an American city she can make her “American Dream” come true with hardworking and her talent.
The American Dream is a national ethos of the United States, a set of ideals in which freedom includes the opportunity for prosperity and success, and an upward social mobility achieved through hard work.
Social background
Confucius thinking
Law movement
2002 Gender Equality in Employment Law
sex discrimination
sexual harassment
marriage, pregnancy, childbirth as a reason for dismissal
2004 Gender equality education act establish education
resources and environment improved textbooks
Political participation
Society acceptance
The change of thinking
American dream
When does study abroad become “American dream” in Taiwan?
Come,come, come to NTU; Go, go, go to the U.S.
In the 1960’s
by professor Yu Shu-ping
reflected the mindset of many students at that time
studying abroad
=American Dream
Bias, Stereotyping, Prejudice and Discrimination.
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What is gender equality?
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The American dream.
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Gender Equity Education Act.
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This is all of our presentation,
thanks for your attendance!!!!
But today, the thought of the stereotype and the law are changing (The Law of Gender Equality).
1. Why do?
Based on the traditional thinking, we always think that girls have to like cute or little things and boys have to like manly things.

2. How different?
People around the world usually think so. This is a common and wide-ranging thinking.
1. Why do?
Most of people usually think that women are weaker than men, so they would think that men can support the whole family greatly. Because of this thinking, we would think that women just stay home and do house work.

2. How different?
As time went by, men also share the household together with their spouse, and most of women also have a job to support their family.
1. Why do?
We know that America has been one of the most powerful countries in the world since 19th century. We always think America is very good at their education, their movie, their democracy, etc.

2. How different?
However, in many countries, they would replace America with Taiwan.
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