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Hero's Journey - The Lion King

No description

Miguel Martinez

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of Hero's Journey - The Lion King

Stage 1
Ordinary World
- Simba is born and introduced to the Pride Lands. His dad, Mufasa, is the king of the land and expects Simba to behave like the prince that he is so that one day he can be king of the Pride Lands.
Stage 2
The Call to Adventure

- When Simba disobeys his father by going to the elephant graveyard.
-He is interested in the adventure that is out there.
Stage 3
Refusing the Call
- Simba didn't want his dad to dead and feels at fault for it.
-Scar blames him and tells him to run away and to never return.
Stage 4
Meeting with the Mentor
- Simba's mentor is Mufasa in the begining of the story but towards the middle, Rafiki turns into his mentor giving advice in returning back home to the pride lands.
Stage 7
Fall or Descend
Stage 6
Crossing the Threshold
- Simba progresses and adapts to the new life with Timon and Pumba.
Stage 5
Test, Allies, and Enemies
-Simba meets Nala and discovers the importance of his absence in the Pride lands. - New allies
- Timon and Pumba
- Enemies
- Scar and the Hyenas.
- Simba doesn't want to go back because he is afraid to face the fear of letting everyone know that he killed his own father.
Stage 8
The Ordeal
- Simba, Nala, Timon and Pumba go back to the pride lands to take back Simba's throne. Simba now confronts his uncle Scar! Simba also isn't afraid to admit the truth that he was the one who killed his father (also another fear)
Stage 9
The Reward
-Simba finally is able to take back his throne.
-He also gets the respect and intellect on becoming a better king because of his honesty and the will of taking up the consequences when he admits that he was the one who killed Mufasa when it was Scar who killed him.
Stage 10
The Road Back
- After the battle, Simba takes back his spot upon pride rock and reclaims his rightful place as king. Making him much more stronger.
Stage 11
The Resurrection

- Simba is now accepted in becoming king of the pride land.
- Accordingly, he should be proud and fulfilled his dream
Stage 12
Return with the Elixir

- Simba becomes a great and loyal king and has a child of his own with Nala.
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