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Title: High life low life

No description

juan infante

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of Title: High life low life

Title: High life low life
What is obout Alan Battersby's book?
This book is about of two old women's from the same city with a different ends. Each lives are opposite, Annie Clayton is a homeless women, she have nothing and nobody. On the other hand is Mrs. Joanna Whittake a rich widow with a weird lifestyle, She does not usually go out and her family doesn't like to keep in touch with her. in the middle of them is a private detective, the person that will show us how much in common have these two women.

One of them are dying, the poor one, and is looking for her lost son, she need to do a will is the principal reason for hire a lawyer. He can't understand why a homeless women need to do a will.

This is the story of how those lives came together
what type of book is?
Maybe this book have two different styles. In one hand the book show us a classical drama Story But some times the narrative tone is from mystery this is because the book has been written in first person, and this person is a detective.
Nat Marley: New York private investigator
Stella Delgado: Nat Marley’s personal assistant
Annie Clayton: a homeless woman
Mrs. Joanna Whittaker: a rich widow
Martha Bianchi: Mrs. Whittaker’s maid
Charlie Whittaker: Mrs. Whittaker’s son
Betty Osborne: Mrs. Whittaker’s daughter
Jackie Robinson Clayton: Annie Clayton’s son

Where does the story take place?
The Story take place in NYC in different places. Manhattan, Queens and Bronx.

...to my mind
I would like to say that i couldn't put it down, but i won't, honestly the story is a kind of boring because the plot is very predictable and the characters were not well built. was easy to read but nothing interesting.
One of them are dying
By: Allan Battersby
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