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Academic Presentations

How to deliver an effective academic presentation of your thesis.

Veronica Png

on 27 January 2012

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Transcript of Academic Presentations

Delivering an academic presentation Thinking about the content The performance audience knowledge attitude structure
the content delivery matters! rehearse! rehearse! rehearse! A word about
(AV) aids ... an academic presentation
seeks to persuade your audience of the validity of your thesis by presenting research and evidence to support it it also needs to be interesting and entertaining how do we do this? do we have to be witty
and crack jokes? No! It's about getting the audience's FULL getting the audience interested and involved
in your research interests and arguments how do we do that? engage your audience keep them focussed and interested
in what you have to say how does your research
contribute new insights
into the disciplined field of Accounting & Finance? what is your thesis/ hypothesis? make it clear to your audience! what are the key arguments
that you want your audience
to remember?
emphasize & repeat them! 3 Acts ! Introduction Conclusion Arguments that's ok! eye contact voice pace body language get feedback from friends get feedback from your supervisor on the cogency of your arguments do a dress rehearsal Relevant Simple Clean familiarise yourself with the presentation venue know how to use all AV equipment bring backup of your presentation material A successful
presentation depends on... good time management engaging your audience delivery skills quality CONTENT & audio visual support verbal fillers feeling
nervous? aloud! in front of
a mirror they are mere PROPS! keep them ... Manage the Q&A check understanding answer clearly answer to the point at least three times ! on your academic presentations Remember to.... veronica png
learning skills adviser
matheson library
clayton campus arrive early! KEEP TO THE TIME LIMIT!
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