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Sarah T

on 16 September 2012

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Transcript of California

California The Golden State Native Americans
1524: First European : Cabrillo
1579: Francis Drake History 1769: Spain took Advantage -> 21 missions
1821: Mexico
1846: California demanded for independence
1847: Treaty of Guadalipe Hidalgo 1848 : gold rush
-brought 300000 people to California
- at first very easy but became more
difficult 1850: added to the Unites States as the 31.
1854: Sacramento became capital 1869: Completion of the first transcontinental railroad early 20th century: completion of major Highways (e.g.: Route 66, Lincoln Highway) 1920: movie industry settles there -> population increase General Information Border States: Arizona, Nevada, Oregon
Capital: Sacramento
Size: 158.706 square miles
Population: 37.679.000
Largest Cities: Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Fresno
climate: arid/subarctic
coastal, southern parts: Mediterranean climate
influence of the ocean
Nickname: The Golden State
Motto: Eureka ("I have found it") Religion Economy Protestant: 36 %
Roman Catholic : 31%
Jewish: 2%
LDS : 2%
Muslims: <0,5%
Other Religions: 4%
Atheists: 21 % State Seal: Big cities Productive Economy:
production of fruits and vegetables
production of domestic wine
farms -> good soil, long growing season, use of modern agriculturel methods
fishing Los Angeles San Fransisco Industrial Production:
electronic equipment
transportation equipment
metal products Sights center for motion-picture
television film
entertainmant industry -> Hollywood
-> tourism National parcs
Theme parcs Death Valley Golden Gate Bridge: driest national parc in the USA
wildlife quite manifold Sea gate that connects the bay of San Francisco with the Pacific Ocean San Francicso Bay:
most populated region in northern California, including important cities like San Jose, Oakland or San Francicso 51 different kinds of mammals
more than 300 different birds
over 1000 different plants coyote roadrunner Painted Ladies: Interesting Places historical houses at the Alamo Square
in the past: gambling houses, bagnios Devils's Golf Course
Racetrack Playa
Salt Creek Famous Sons & Daughters Jessica Alba *28/04/ 1981 in Pomona, near LA actor since 1994
Sin City, Valentine's Day, The Killer inside me Alcatraz Leonardo di Caprio *11/03/1974 in LA
actor and producer
actor: Titanic, Romeo & Juliet, Inception
producer: Red Riding Hood famous high-security prison
in the middle of the bay of San Francicso
only 3 refugees Katy Perry Name at birth: Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson
*25.10.1984 in Santa Barbara
song: "I kissed a girl" Linkin Park rock band
founded in 1996
6 members
songs: New Devide, Shadow of the Day, Numb Metallica one of the most succesfull rock bands
founded in 1981
4 members
song: Nothing else matters Yosemite Park Californian State Song: Marilyn Monroe *01/06/1926, LA
+05/08/1962, Brentwood
actress, singer, producer and model
sex- symbol and film icon of the 20. century
the reason of her death is still not known -> conspiracy theories founded in 1890
area of 761,268 acres
over 3.7 million visitors each year
internationally recognized for its spectacular granite cliffs, waterfalls, clear streams, biological diversity Yosemite Valley:
central part of the park
most of the visitors go there biggest city in California
almost 3.800.000 inhabitants
at the coast of the pacific ocean El Capitan:
high granit rock -> many visitors go climbing there many famous beaches: Venice Beach, Manhattan Beach, a district of L.A.
the historical center of movie studios and movie stars Walk of Fame: is famous for it's big film industry which is located in Hollywood footway with 2.479 stars with the names of important prominents in it Disneyland Resort Theme Parcs Universal Studios Hollywood Thank you for your attention
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