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Music Theory

No description

Kristen C

on 22 January 2015

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Transcript of Music Theory

Music Theory Vocabulary Definitions

Melody, is when tones or notes come together to create one idea of sound. Remember, melody is different than harmony.
A collection of 5 lines and 4 spaces where musical notes are placed. Each line represents a different musical pitch.
Time Signature
Note Lengths
Root Notes
Chord Tones
Hertz is the amount of frequency between each note. For example, the Middle C is 262 Hertz, while the Middle A is 440 Hertz.
Intervals are the space between two notes. Each interval consists of a number to determine the distance between the two notes.
A note length, is the count of
how many beats a note gets.
For example, a whole note gets four
beats, while a half note gets only
two beats.
The notes on a scale start at one, also known as the root note. The home note. Also known as the tonic note.
Structured to support the melody and to provide direction.
The part of the sound waves that determines the pitch.
A series of notes differing in pitch according to a specific scheme.
Numbers at the left page the top tells you how many beats in the measure and the bottom one tells you what kind of note gets one beat
Presentation by:
Kristen Corredor
Kara Breneman
Daniel Walsh
Matthew Lao
Cade May
Mikaela Gomez
Diana Szewczyk
Eyra Gualtieri
Sylvana Pesola
Hannah Scott
Nicaela Paolinetti
Erin Lynch
Are the space between two notes.Each Interval consists of a number to determine the space between the two notes.
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