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marketing analysis of Google

Dora Chen

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Google

Weisheng Zhang
Lijun Chen GOOGLE Brand Power & Revolution Mission Ten Golden Rules
Don't be evil
....... Identification MAIN CONTENT BACKGROUND History Page & Brin Google garage
Co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin meet at Stanford University.
Google files for incorporation in California on September 4.
Google's first press release announces a $25 million round of investment from Sequoia Capital and Kleiner Perkins.
Google launches keyword advertising sales system AdWords with 350 customers.
Schmidt is named chief executive and chairman of the board of directors.
Initial public offering of roughly 19.6 million shares at an opening price of $85 per share.
Google buys online video service YouTube.
Indexing system for processing links indicates Google searches 1 trillion unique URLs.
First Google Super Bowl ad.
Page becomes CEO, Schmidt stays as executive chairman. DESIGN BY DORA Meaning of Google GOOGLE VS GOOGOL≈≈√ Googol is the mathematical term for a 1 followed by 100 zeros. Goooooooooo,oooooooooo,oooooooooo,oooooooooo,oooooooooo,

is indeed derived from Googol
Yes, that is 100 zeros! Products Powerful products:
-Search Engine
-Google Map
-Android system;
-Google Docs;
-Google Translate;
-Ads crazy product-Google glasses CURRENT PROBLEMS New Google Tools Google Apple Android
Nexus 7
Google TV
Google Drive
Google Maps
Google Wallet/Play
Google Books, Google Music and other Media Apple’s iOS platform
Apple’s iPad
Apple TV
Apple Maps
Apple iTunes platform
iTunes and iBooks GOOGLE Chrome OS
Google Apps
Nexus 7 tablet
Google Cloud
Google Drive
Google Search Microsoft VS vs Microsoft’s OS
Microsoft Office Apps
Microsoft Windows 8 platform
Microsoft Surface tablet
Microsoft’s Azure cloud and developer affections
Microsoft Skydrive
Microsoft Bing GOOGLE amazon VS Nexus 7
Android platform
Google Cloud
Google Wallet
Google Books, Google Music and other media plays Books and Media Amazon’s Kindle Fire.
Amazon Fork.
Amazon Web Services.
Amazon payment system.
Amazon Music, Books and Media GOOGLE FACEBOOK Google+
Google messaging
Google Picasa
Google Ad Platform
Google Search Facebook
Facebook Messaging.
Facebook Photos.
Facebook Ad Platform.
Facebook Social Discovery vs Other Competitors Conclusion Google vs everyone:
an epic war on many fronts MARKETING Targeting All people who use the internet Positioning Entrepreneurial and an innovative corporate organization 1. Google+, Android system and phones:
with no specific definition of what that exactly means and profit pattern 2. Core Business:
Ad business is slowing 3. Privacy Invasion Google has been exploiting a loophole in the Safari Web browser—allowing it to track Mac and iPhone users' browsing activity 4. Piracy Microsoft has asked Google to remove more than 500,000 links from its index 5. Continuous Innovation & Human Resources The competition of innovation becomes more strong
many talent people went to Yahoo & Facebook GOOGLE IN CHINA Situation In 2010, searching via all Google search sites, including Google Mobile, were moved from Mainland China to Hong Kong. SWOT 1. Favorable competitive situation
2. Good financial condition
3. Good corporation and brand image
4. Strong technical force—Innovation&
high-tech talents
5. Functional and efficient products
6. Attractive company culture 1. Rapid development of Internet
2. New products and services
3. Acquisition Strategy
4. Growing mobile advertising market 1. Comprehensive strong competition
2. Industry policy and copyright problem
3. Accelerated technology updates
4. Inability to motivate their contract
employees Future of Google Playing a long game http://brandirectory.com/league_tables/table/global-500-2012 The leader among Internet brands turned verbs, of course, is Google
2008-2011: TOP1 Mobile, TV and social advertising will be the company's three pillars of future growth. Future of Google Differences
Open source system VS Closed platform system
Mass distribution VS High Integration
...... Differences Open source VS Dependency Mass distribution VS High Integration Strengths: ...... Version management system
Publish/subscribe system
Weakness: Platform ....... Which you prefer: Circles OR Groups
New one OR Old one 1. Difficult to shortlist and chooses the best
2. Loyalty and dedication of their staff
3. Lots of unnecessary indexed pages Thanks for your attention
Question? SOLUTIONS Profit Pattern: 1. Strengthen the control of Android system
2. Find the way to gain stickness of users
Privacy Invasion: 1. Let more users know what is the meaning
of their new Privacy Policy
2. Announce the tools Google provided for
deleting userdata
3. Publish the way how to anti-tracking for
the users
Piracy: 1. Implement the new anti-piracy policy and
treat all websites equally
2. Coordinate with copyright proprietors
about their requirements
Innovation& 1. Continue to combine creative companies
2. Increase salary
3. Simplify the recruitment mechanism IMPLEMENTATION Human resources MILESTONES OF GOOGLE Market Share Implement of Problem1&2: Profit Pattern Short-run:
1. Integrate Motorola in current five years
Enter hardware manufacture industry

2. Simplify Motorola
reduce deficit of Motorola

3. Strengthen game programs on Google+
Improve user experience

4. Integrate and analyze the personal information of
Google+ users
enrich their information obtain a accurate
users segmentation Long-run:
1. Produce own smartphones

2. Charge an appropriate price to other mobile phone

3. Motorola focuses on developing Android system,
making phones as a platform

4. Try to be a platform for SMEs to advertising their
company and business Implement of Problem3: Privacy Invasion Short-run:
1. State the differences between old and new privacy
[new policy: improve users’ experience rather
than collect much more information than before
new policy will benefit the company on the
operating aspect and understanding of users]

2. Introduce Google Dashboard & Ad Preference Manager
to solve the privacy problem
Google is trying to protect their privacy & devoting
itself to accelerate the improvement of
internet privacy. Long-run:
1. Improve Google’s privacy policy
Adapt different culture and local policy.

2. Contribute to set up a comprehensive internet
privacy policy base on Google’s and users’
common benefit actively. Implement of Problem4: Piracy 1. Reduce the ranking website which includes piracy

2. Develop new technology to select and
distinguish websites and videos deal with
infringement problems

3. Improve the efficiency in solving the problems and
requirements from copyright proprietors Implement of Problem5: Innovation & Human Resources 1. Increase salary
Improve work environment
Offer employees a better career future

2. Shorten and simplify the recruitment process
Reduce candidates’ time costs and Shorten
the time of vacancy REASON Global Internet Overlord VS Local King

Business Services VS Entertainment Services

Advanced Technology VS First mover advantage

Fair Paid Listing VS Distinguish Paid Listing

Global Service Positioning VS Chinese Service Positioning

Advanced Cost VS Local Differentiation
Innovation VS Localization Innovation VS 1. Have the greatest user base of the world

2. Advanced search technology

3. Innovation and advantage of brand

4. Good public praise

5. High quality employees 1. Localization failure

2. Benefiting competitor

3. Carelessness 1. Huge market in the world

2. Sharply increase in netizen number

3. Increase of high-education people Threats
1.Frustrating from Chinese government
2.Strong and new local competitors 1. Don’t coordinate with Chinese government
2. Don’t understand Chinese market and customers
3. Hiring returned talents instead of local talents
4. Discrepancy of salary system between China and
foreign country
5. License absence, map mistake and piracy problem Core Competition Analysis 1. Freedom of sharing information
2. Continuous innovation
3. Company culture
....... Suppliers Bargaining Power For the hardware device—
low bargaining power Buyers Bargaining Power Decentralized clients or companies
—low bargaining power Potential New Entrants Software development companies;
Media companies;
New search engines;
Websites with high participating
...... Threat of Substitute Product Direct Ads;
Yellow pages;
Other smartphones systems;
...... The Rivalry Among Competing Sellers Main competitors :
...... Core Competition Segmentation Google Doodle For the business uses: Google Custom Search, Google AdSense,Google AdWords, Google Finance,Google Closure Tools, Google Code,Google Analytics, Google Business Solutions ......

For the academical uses: Google Books,Google Scholar,Web History, Knowledge Graph, Google Bookmarks,Questions and Answers,Google Mars Google Moon Google Sky......

For the social uses: Google Groups,YouTube,Blogger,Google Friend Connect, Gmail, Google+......

For the daily uses: Google Search,Google News,Google Shopping,Google Chrome OS ,Google Calendar .Google Docs,Google Maps, Google Street View...... Strengths Weakness Opportunities
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