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Life - Reevaluated

No description

Nathaniel Janowitz

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Life - Reevaluated

The Meaning of Life - A Reevaluation Cognition acknowledgement,
attention, awareness,
discernment, insight,
intelligence, knowledge,
observance, percipience,
rationality, reasoning,
recognition, regard
and understanding - grasp concepts like time, history and future - create complicated forms of verbal and physical language and expression - harness resources around them
to create large scale civilization,
political structures and technological
achievments. - Contemplate their own existence, death, purpose, morals and ethics. Where did cognitive ability arise from? What does it mean for humans to reach this level of understanding? - That the Universe exists.
- That the Universe evolved. Whether the reader believes this is through a creative essence, immaculate design, -or pure chance, at present is irrelevant.
- From this evolution, the Earth emerged and all life on it.
- Life on Earth is diverse and interconnected beyond levels we presently fully understand. However, understanding that this interconnectivity is a key proponent to sustaining a diverse planet.
- Humans have developed a cognitive ability far different than any other system we know to exist. Minuscule magnitude What does it mean to be human and to have this gift of Cognition?
Not the only unique characteristic we can see on Earth - Pain, emotional needs and physical attachments Not an instantaneous evolution Why did humans evolve?
What is the role of the human? Why did humans evolve? Why did cognition evolve? What is the role of the human? Universal Evolution How do we create an environment conduicive to cognitive development?
What is the best situation for humans to cultivate their mind? Food, water, safety Ethics - Reevaluated

5 Relationships:
The relationship between I and the Universe.
The relationship between I and the Earth.
The relationship between I and all other organisms that exist on Earth.
The relationship between I and other humans.
The relationship between I and mind and body.
Morality and Creating a Meaningful Life
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