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wizards by lilian mcbride

No description

Phillip P. Crapper

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of wizards by lilian mcbride

by Lilian wizards Wands Brooms Quiditch The Best Wizard Series Ever! Schools Wizards The End When wizards first get their wands, they don't
choose it. In fact, the wands choose the people!
There is a different material in each wand, Some wands have phoenix feathers, and some have
unicorn hair.
They need to have the wand that is just right for them. Brooms are a thing that you think all wizards
should have, right?? Well this is not true! Rarely
wizards have brooms ie. professional quiditch
players, very rich wizards. But, as I was saying,
most don't. this is because brooms are very
expensive and highly dangerous. They can suffer
from very serious injuries, and more.
But, if I was a wizard, I'd still get a broom.
How about you?? Quiditch is the most played, loved, and dangerous sport among all wizards.
Quiditch is played on brooms* and the object is to
score the most points and knock the other teams
players off their broom. Quiditch is played with one quaffle, two bludgers, and most importantly, the golden snitch. The game is played by the two forwards, trying to put the quaffle in one of the goal hoops. THen the beaters, like defense in our world, try to knock the players off their broom by
hitting them with a bludger with a bat. Protecting
the goal post is the keeper, and the seeker, tries to find the snitch, who ever finds it first wins the
Game! Here is a list of all the schools in the wizarding world:
At these schools, the students learn spells, potions
fortune telling, wizard history, gardening, and magical creatures.
I wish I could go there!!! - harry potter and the philosophers stone
-harry potter and the chamber of secrets
-harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban
- harry potter and the goblet of fire
-harry potter and the order of the phoenix
-harry potter and the half blood prince
-harry potter and the deathly hollows Wouldn't YOU like to be a wizard to??????????
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