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Mexico's Natural Resources

No description

Drew Rothweil

on 25 March 2015

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Transcript of Mexico's Natural Resources

Mexico's Natural Resources
- Mexico has large amounts of oil and natural gas along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Mexico uses oil for their own energy needs as well as for exports.
- Petroleum is the most valuable resource in Mexico. Mexico pumps about 3.46 million barrels of crude oil each day.
- Over 70% of Mexico is forestland which provides a lot of timber.
- Mexico has 72 different varieties of pine trees, which accounts for the vast majority of timber.
- The forests of Mexico produce up to 100,000 tons of resin, rubber, wax, and fiber. There are natives of 1,500 species of tropical plants for up to 3,000 uses including dyes and poisons, etc.
- Lead is used to make lead acid batteries, pigments, solder, shot and bullets, leaded glass, and radiation shields for medical professionals. Lead also plays a big roll in making rubber and oil refining.
- Mexico produces approximately 140,000 metric tons of lead each year.
- Zinc is used for making many products including medicine, rubber, pint, and grass. Most zinc is used to coat steel as a protection against corrosion. Zinc has allowed Mexico to profit from steel production.
- Mexico produces 400,000 metric tons of zinc annually and over 6 million tons are in reserves.
- Mexico is a big producer of copper. Mexico mines and produces approximately 400,000 metric tons of copper annually and an estimated 14 million tons remain in reserves.
-Mexico uses copper for many things, like coins for example. It is combined with other metals to make brass and bronze.
- Mexico has a lot of silver production. They make jewelry and use silver for other things like electronics, medical supplies, batteries photography, and solar energy.
- Mexico produces roughly 100 million ounces a year.
- Mexico doesn't have an abundant amount of gold, but they mine approximately 24,000 kilograms of gold each year.
- Mexico uses gold to make jewelry, which helps stimulate Mexico's local economies.


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