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Melinda Daniels

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of OTMs

Sponsored by University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire's James C. Martin NRHH Of The Month Awards: Your Official Guide Good Luck! Extra Tips Make sure that your OTM is focused on a month specific nominee and fits the category you selected. General Guidelines Keep your audience in mind. You should translate abbreviations and acronyms. Then What Happens? How Do You Submit? OTMs are due on the OTM Database website by Midnight of the 5th of every month. Brainstorm Something to Write About 1. What you write about must be relevant to the month of submission (those due on February 5th must be inclusive of and only of the month of January) What is an OTM? Short written essay focused on recognizing the achievements of a person, organization, or program An award that can potentially recognize someone/something on a campus-, state-, region-, and nation-wide level. A really easy way to show someone you appreciate them and encourage them to engage in further excellence. http://otms.nrhh.org/otm_general.php3?otmid=179390&vid=jusc8uk6awc355x5 2. It must fit in one of the categories available. 3. Though there is no minimum word limit, it is wise to write more than just a paragraph. You wouldn't write 100 words for an essay with a maximum of 600 words for class. Use the same principles here. There are two categories of OTM:
General and Program General Categories: Advisor
-individual who advises and has made outstanding contributions to an organization in Housing and Residence Life. Executive Board Member
-Anyone who serves on an Executive Board for a Residence Life organization and has made outstanding contributions to that organization and their campus. First Year Student
-Any first year student (freshmen, transfer, non-traditional, etc) who takes an active role in their communities and positively impacts those around them.
-The focus can be on academics, leadership, involvement, and contributions to any community or organization on campus. Institutional Faculty/Staff
-Individuals who aid students in their academics or leadership development.
-Specifically, this category targets professors, counselors, and other academic affairs staff. Organization
-Any organization that has made significant contributions to leadership, recognition, or other aspects of residence life in the past month. Residence Life Faculty/Staff
-Individuals who make significant contributions to Residence Life.
-This category does not include RAs, but it can include other members of housing staff such as LLPs, Housing Specialists (Fish), or Directors. Spotlight
-This category acts as a miscellaneous category for anyone else that has contributed to Residence Life but does not fall into the other categories. Resident Assistant
-Any RA that has gone above and beyond their job description to contribute to their residence hall.
-This OTM can include achievements within and beyond the RA role. Residential Community
-Any on-campus community that has shown support within and outside their community that is not an official campus organization.
-This can include a wing, hall, LLC, etc. Student
-Any individual who has contributed significantly in areas of leadership, motivation, programming, volunteering, or being a good role model in any area of student life. Program Categories: Diversity Program
-A program that promotes and educates about diversity and understanding Educational Program
-A program designed to teach residents about a topic, issue, or idea. Community Service Program
-A service or philanthropy program that benefits a group, charity, or other organization. Social Program
-Any program that focuses on resident interaction. There are a few other categories that you can write OTMs for on just the campus level as well: Bulletin Board
-A bulletin board that makes an impact on the community around it. Custodial/Maintenace
-Any member of the custodial staff that has done an exemplary job in the past month. Front Desk Attendant
-A member of a Residence Hall Front Desk Staff that exhibts excellent skills. National Communications Coordinator
-Any CC that has done a great job at their position on the campus level and beyond. Roommate
-This OTM is a great way to show your roommate you appreciate them in a unique way. Simply go to the website, select "General Category" or "Program Category," select UWEC for University, select a relevant category,and fill out the necessary information. http://otms.nrhh.org/ OTMs are then read by NRHH members who vote for the campus winners. On the 10th of every month, the campus winners are sent to the State and Regional levels (WURHA and GLACURH). Regional winners are sent to the NACURH level. NRHH members should contact their CC to register for voting privileges. All OTMs are printed off and distributed with prizes to the nominees to be recognized. AT UWEC, writers are also recognized for their efforts. Make substantial claims. If you want to recognize someone for getting an A on a test or doing a favor, perhaps you should not write an OTM about it. Though these are great things, there are other, more suitable forms of recognition. Check for grammar, spelling, and formatting errors. It may be beneficial to write the OTM in Microsoft Word first. Have fun when writing. This is not an essay, so funny anecdotes and creative writing styles are welcomed so long as they are not distracting to your main points. Be unique. Your OTM will need to stand out among others to qualify as the best. Though it is not the most important part of the OTM (obviously, the nominee itself is), writing can make a difference. Use exciting language. Use an appropriate length. Though it is highly recommended you stay within 50-100 words of the maximum word limit, do not stretch it out with things that will detract from the accomplishments themselves. Co-writing is encouraged! More ideas, perspectives, and editors will only make the OTM stronger. Above and Beyond: 6 Tips to Really Make Your OTM Great! 1. Focus on acheivements and recognizable characteristics. Avoid traits or scholastic successes like "Zoe is nice" or "Zak is also a good student." 2. Ask peers and advisers for help. Often times they can help you brainstorm aspects of an event or achievements of a person that you were unaware of. 3. Branch out to people that are not recognized as often. Though multiple-OTM winners are grateful for being recognized, it is important to remember less-recognized people for their contributions as well. 4. Use specific details. It is often those forgotten details that can make a person, community, or program really stand out. For example, the number of people involved, amount of money raised, direct impact, or feedback and comments from people afterward can really show off accomplishments. 5. Submit early. That way, the CC can look over the OTM and ask you to make any revisions they might catch like changing the category you placed an OTM in to a more suitable one. Feel free to contact the NRHH Communications Coordinator with any questions you may have or to set up a free account on the OTM Database to keep track of your OTMs:
Melinda Daniels, daniemel@uwec.edu
Other NRHH Executive Board Members and Advisers are also great resources.
Good luck, from UWEC's James C. Martin NRHH Chapter! http://www.uwec.edu/Housing/programs/nrhh.htm http://otms.nrhh.org/ 6. Browse the OTM Database for ideas on what other people have submitted Of the Months for. This can help you better understand expectations and might help you brainstorm ideas.
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