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Marketing Strategy Plan

No description

Andrew Osborne

on 19 August 2014

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Transcript of Marketing Strategy Plan

Strategy Recommendation
Smooth Operator

An overview of our proposed marketing strategy and how we feel it's implementation will help you secure your goal of launching Smooth Operator to market
Market Segmentation and Targeting
So knowing what we do, who are we going to be selling Smooth Operator to?
Marketing Mix
4 P's Marketing Mix is an essential strategy for Success
Smooth Operator vs The Competition
The first step in any marketing plan is initially understanding who we are and what the environment surrounding the organisation is.
The market we are entering
Hospitality sector is a major part of Australia's economy with nearly 26,000 businesses generating $35 Billion in turnover each year - nearly 1.6% of GDP (ABS 2007)
Launch Strategy and Roll out Plan
The key to Smooth Operator succeeding in the market & receiving the grant comes down to a few marketing fundamentals & taking advantage of the gaps competitors missed
Who we are
Raising the BAR Consulting

Andrew Osborne
Over a decade experience in hospitality management
Ben Harris
Small business owner and business coach
Ryan Stacey
Linguistics and Marketing Student
What We Recommend
Focus on B2B first
Segmentation based on pricing and behavioral elements
Using price differentiation as key marketing tactic
Consistent message - We are a Smooth Operator
Traditional POS Competitors
There are numerous providers of specialty hospitality POS systems (Redcat, Riva, SwiftPOS, SimplyPOS, iCafe, imPOS, Bluefrog, BEpoz, OmniPOS, Kounta, HISinteractive)
Key features:
Provide hardware
Provide hand held adaptation
Integrate with 3rd party software
Process all payment types
Where they fall:
Not completely mobile
High entry costs due to hardware expenses

Tablet Based POS competitors
There also a fair few competitors in the tablet-based market: Vend, POSlavu, Square, ImPos, Kounta
Key Features:
Software Integration
Free Trial
Inventory Management
Where they fall:
Unlike tradition POS - Not all payment types accepted
Many are only cloud-based
Price Clarity
There is no fully functional Tablet-Based POS system
Restaurants and Cafes
Employed 145,546 people across 13,987 businesses at end June 2007
During 2006-07, operating profit before tax for these businesses was $368.3m and their operating profit margin was 3.8%
50% of businesses in this sector actually average a loss of 0.3% after tax
Pubs, Clubs, Bars and Taverns
Employed 81,675 people across 4,252 businesses at end June 2005
Operating profit before tax of $784.2m, which represented an operating profit margin of 7.1%
86% of the market as independently run businesses, primarily on an owner operator basis
Steady downwards trend in profits identified by PriceWaterhouseCoopers in 2009
To Create Awareness
Importantly - the Grant
Macro - Hospitality - 4 Sectors
Meso - Price/Behaviour
Micro - Razor Thin/Cafe Culture
Distribution - Digitally downloaded and online peripheral ordering
Location - Places immersed in cafe culture - QLD, NSW, VIC
How to Make Things Clear
Suggest new tag line
"Making great business POSsible"
Also help SEO
Allow for end-user branding
"I'm a Smooth Operator"
Create communication and community around end-user brand
A well prepared launch
Pre-launch is vitally important
Online presence (SEO, Website)
Digital distribution (App Stores)
Physical distribution (Peripherals \ Partnerships)
Tester Reviews for day of launch
Having a clear understanding of what you're going to do and doing it
You know there are gaps in the market, fill them
Know your product, price, place and promotion
Initial focus on B2B (that's what the government wants) receive the grant and then revolutionise the end-user
Focus on the business now and once the ball starts rolling you can 'feature creep away'
We Wish You All the Best
"You can't build a reputation on what you are
to do."
- Henry Ford
Problems and Objectives
Identified potential problems with the market, product, and brand
Brand Analysis
The current branding and future applications
What you don't already know!

Your Company
The Market You're In
Over-Arching Problems
Optimal Target Market/Segments
Fundamental Marketing Mix
How To Solidify Your Brand
What we will be covering
Smooth Operator as we see it
Innovative hospitality Point of Sale (POS) system
Operated by tablet\hand held devices
Ability for end-user interaction
Market - Number of substitutes,changeover costs (also loyalty to current system)
Product - Integration with existing infrastructure, pricing, processing all payment type
Branding - Clear, concise, online presence - competition is very strong
Smooth Operator
Easy to use
Low start up costs/hardware
Manages your business
Integrates your community
Fully functional
Great name
Unclear as to what it pertains to
Tag line (making communication easy) does not give additional meaning
Bring the branding back to core function of the product - POS system

Things are Unclear
Employed 95,931 people across 5,981 businesses at the end of June 2007
Operating profit before tax for these businesses was $1,060.5m and their operating profit margin was 11%
Accommodation and catering
Profit Margins
Cafe Culture
Areas East Australia
Targeting start-ups, small owner-operator
Industry action groups - QHA, etc.
Industry publications; Business insider, hospitality magazine, open house magazine, QHA and Bartender magazine
Self guided research - SEO, Social Media Presence, Website - call to action
Media Releases for Industry Press
Approach QHA, LIAG (development and selling opportunities)
Cold calling \ Trade Shows \ Seminars \ Demonstrations & Trials
Employed 50,268 people across 1,437 businesses at end June 2007
Operating profit before tax for these businesses was $208.1m and their operating profit margin was 5.3%
50% business operating at 0.3% loss
Competes on price, consensus is $5 per month/licencing
Value for money
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