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Digital leadership skills

No description

Ben Lee

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Digital leadership skills

2. Set up an online group
LinkedIn or Google+ group
Invite-only, visible to members only (at least to start with)
All SCL members invited - but you choose to opt-in

WHY? Direct channel to those most interested, most likely to respond, to take part in workshops later in the process
Also makes the process visible and influence-able despite timing
3. Initial horizon scanning
Define scope of "significant digital developments" - more specific

Then horizon-scanning using two methods:

Desk based review
Online survey

End product - horizon-scanning paper
Horizon scanning paper
4. Online workshops
1. Project inception
Started testing the 'pinwheel' - which works...
...but makes us think we need to ask "What" and also "Why" (mock-up using Surveymonkey)
Desk review
Using same "What" and "Why" framework
...Based on desk research and the survey of SCL members (perhaps others too)

Digital developments (in terms of community spaces, books, learning etc)

WHY these are significant for libraries

Posted to online group for comment / further suggestions
Run 3 times using Webex

Horizon scanning paper posted in online group in advance and invitation to join workshops or comment online

Invite challenge and discussion of the horizon scanning paper

Explore / identify implications for leadership skills

5. Combined paper to SCL
Horizon scanning of digital development
Implications for leadership skills
6. Carry out skills audit via online survey
Based on skills and competencies identified in previous stages

Carried out via Surveymonkey

All SCL members invited to take part

Next generation leaders also invited
Then stocktake meeting with SCL commissioning group
7. Analysis of skills audit responses
Strengths, weaknesses, gaps

Comparisons between current and future leaders

Post to online group for comment / reaction
8. Second set of online workshops
9. Final report and presentation
As before, run three times - all SCL members invited

Trailed on the online group

Test, challenge, and improve the skills audit findings

Develop ideas for action on skills gaps

Horizon scanning
Skills implications
Presentation to SCL Executive
Warwick, June 4th
Libraries and digital leadership skills
What the public want (MLA)
Envisioning the library of the future (ACE)
Raising social impact (York)
Skills for horizon scanning (EU)
Carnegie UK Trust's enterprise pilots
Skills audit
Ideas for action
The purpose of public libraries
“That as in this institution, special provision has been made for the working classes, by means of a free lending library, this meeting cherishes the earnest hope that the books thus made available will prove a source of pleasure and improvement in the cottages, the garrets, and the cellars of the poorest of our people.”
(Charles Dickens' speech at the opening ceremony September 2nd, 1852)
Ben Lee and Kevin Fenning
Shared Intelligence
Agree and confirm our approach
Horizon scanning
Skills implications
Skills audit
Ideas for action
Crystalising and communicating how digital can be used to meet library services' core purposes

Setting direction outside traditional hierarchies

Enabling and empowering frontline staff to exploit technology

Identifying rewarded-risks to take
Digitally-enabled senior management sets the tone

We have far greater affinity with tech if we use it personally (like Facebook/Android story)
Leadership skills, more than technical skills
Involve the "local government geek" crowd?

e.g. organisers of local government hackdays, leaders of local government open-data projects, digital citizen-engagement initiatives

or even people like Tinder Foundation/UKOnline, Young Rewired State, Carnegie UK Trust ('final fifth' work), etc
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