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Lord of the Flies

No description

Sophie Koslowski

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies William Golding Setting This story begins with all the characters on a plane, but then the plane crashes and the children are left alone. After the plane crash the boys end up on a desserted island. The boys are left alone with out any adults. Introduction to rising action The boys built a fire for smoke signals for the ships and planes.
Ralph, Simon, and Piggy built this fire from fragile leaves and Piggys glasses. This was important because they needed to signal boats and planes to the island. Another important part of this book was when Simon found the dead man with the parachute. This was important because that meant that the beastie that they were talking about was not real. The boys that were stuck on the island had an ellection for the
leader of the pack. Ralph won the majority. Jack was very angry
at Ralph, so Jack made his own troop. Climax The climax of this book was when Simon goes and hunts for the beast and finds the dead body. This part is in the introduction to rising action too. When Simon goes to tell the troops about the beast being the dead body. THe troops attack him viscously. Simon dies from the boys stabbing him with their spears. Piggy and Ralph decided that they did not hurt Simon. Then Piggy was thrown over a 40ft cliff and died. Ralph was stabbed in the ribs by Jack. Falling Action and Resolution After Jack stabbed Ralph, Ralph got away and hid behind, a couple of bushes and trees, so that he could see Jack but Jack could not see him. This was also apart of the climax of the story. Response My responce to this book that it was
very violent, but that gives more action,
and kept me reading. This book was also
very interseting. This was interesting
because this book had alot of detail
incorporated. The details that were in this
book were when they killed the pig, they gave
details about what it looked like, and how it
squealed. Character Trace Major Characters Description Attitdude toward major conflict Relationships with other characters Other interesting information
Ralph 12yrs old, elected leader of group tried to resolve but did not happen Hated Jack and Ralph was best friends friends with Piggy and Simon He was leader of his group and faught with Jack every time possible.
Piggy smarter boy of the group piggy died before the major part Best friends with Ralph and hated Jack too. Piggy was the smart boy of the group, he solved problems and helped set a fire
Jack more violent of the group aand over ruling Jack caused this incident He hated Ralph and Piggy and took advantage of them Very violent and needed to be a ruler of his group.
Simon hunter of the group, he supplys most of the food. died before the major partHe was friends with Ralph, but not Piggy Simon was a very aggressive hunter

Minor Characters
Sam and Eric twins and they are never apart! They are in Ralphs group He was forced onto Jacks troop He was on Ralphs troop until the major conflict
Roger very mean older boy, who is apart of Jacks team He was one who started the issue He was good friends with Jack
Theme I think the theme of this book is
civilization. THis is the theme because
they had to build their own houses
and make their own troop in order to survive. Ralph was made leader, and they built their homes around him.
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