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Barnes Jeopardy!

2-round quiz show template with 30 questions/answers in each round plus a final question. This quiz pertains to the Barnes Foundation (art museum in Philadelphia, PA) and is used for staff training there.

Jay Thomson

on 22 November 2016

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Transcript of Barnes Jeopardy!

Jeopardy! Round
OH, "K"!
Members at this level and above get 20% off in the Barnes Shop.
What are Circles Level Members?
Members at all levels receive this discount on guided tours.
What is 50%?
$275 Supporter Level Members receive this many guest passes.
What is four?
The $75 National Membership level is for patrons who live at least this far away from Philadelphia.
What is 200 miles?
This membership level is the only level that includes 2 free Premier Tour tickets.
What is the $550 Sustainer level?
The Barnes is home to this many works by Pierre-Auguste Renoir—the world's largest collection.
What is 181?
This Deputy Director at the Barnes co-authored
Renoir in the BF
with the late John House.
Who is
Martha Lucy?
Born in Limoges, France in 1841, Renoir died in this 20th-century year.
What is 1919?
Upon his death, Renoir's paintings were divided among his 3 sons: Pierre, Claude, and this middle son whose ceramics are in the BF collection.
Who was
Jean Renoir?
This painting in the BF was the first Renoir portrait commissioned by Paul Durand-Ruel; its subject was just 6 years old.
What is (Portrait of Mlle.) Jeanne Durand-Ruel?
The Studio Boat (Le Bateau-atelier)
is hung on the south wall of this gallery.
What is Room 9?
Traveler's Checks should be entered as this method of payment at checkout in the Barnes Shop.
What is cash?
Manet depicts fisherman using fire to make a boat sea-worthy in this painting.
What is Tarring the Boat (Le bateau goudronné)?
These popular accessories sold at the Barnes Shop are exempt from sales tax.
What are scarves and neckties?
The artist depicts his wife Camille doing needlework in this 1875 painting.
What is Madame
Monet Embroidering
(Camille au
These noted architects designed the Barnes' Parkway building.
Who are Tod Williams and Billie Tsien?
This architect created the Merion Gallery Building, the Rodin Museum, and the Ben Franklin Bridge.
Who was Paul Phillipe Cret?
Wood reclaimed from this famous site is used throughout the Parkway building.
What is the Coney Island Boardwalk?
This living artist created tapestries for the Parkway building.
Who is Claudy Jongstra?
Limestone used at the Parkway building came from this arid region.
What is the Negev Desert?
The Barnes Foundation Arboretum School celebrated this anniversary in 2015.
What is 75?
Members pay this price for guided tours of the Arboretum in 2016.
What is $8?
This aromatic collection includes 150 varieties that can be smelled from a distance when in bloom.
What is the Lilac Collection?
Varieties of these at the Arboretum include "Robust Male" and "Upside Down".
What are ferns?
Trees of this smooth-barked species feel cool to the touch.
What is Stewartia?
This Swiss-German Painter's name sounds like a sculptor's material.
Who was
Paul Klee?
He was the first self-taught American painter in the 20th c. recognized by a museum. The BF owns four of his works.
Who was John Kane?
This country home's name mean's "Fidèle's House" in Breton.
What is Ker-Feal?
This rhyming phrase could describe some ensemble objects.
What are
These metalworks can be found in the BF collection, and in the Barnes Shop.
What are keys?
Double Jeopardy! Round

These 3 brothers attended classes at the BF, and all have paintings in the collection.
Who are the
This under-appreciated artist has 57 works in the collection.
Cuban Hospitality
hangs in Room 13.
Who was
Jules Pascin?
In 1921—5 years after he published his "post-mortem" of Analytic Cubism, Barnes bought three Cubist paintings by this artist.
Who was
Marsden Hartley?
Barnes wrote "The most potent factor in"
this artist's
"work is color. No painter ever had a finer feeling for its sensuous quality or used it in a greater variety of pure colors.
Who was Maurice Prendergast?
Although the dealer refused to hang it on the wall due to its subject matter, Barnes bought this painting on the condition that the entire price be given to the artist.
What is The Nursemaid,
by Milton Avery?
Large terpsichorean painting group led by Jane Golden.
What is the
Dance Mural Arts Program?
Recumbent bare,
What is Reclining Nude Beach?
Pippin primitive picnic pests.
What are Supper Time Flies?
Not his last will & testament, but a plea for faith in Barnes' title.
What is
Indenture of Trust Me I'm A Doctor?
A sad & unmoving sign at the pool.
What is
Blue Still Life
Guard On Duty?
Woman and Dog Under Tree
, 1922
Who was
Lenna Glackens?
The Flight (Beginning of the End of the World)
, 1931.
Who was
Jean Hugo?
View of Bordeaux
, 1884.
Who was
Jean Baptiste Guiraud?
The Square Watch-Tower
, 1651.
Who was
Jan van Goyen?
Still Life
c. 1909-1910
Who was
Alfred Henry Maurer?
There are 4,323 objects in the BF collection, including these which are inventoried separately from the paintings.
What are frames?
Once thought lost forever, these important documents were recently discovered rolled up in a storage room in Merion.
What are Dr. Barnes' diplomas?
A Paris street scene in Room 23 by this artist looks much brighter since its recent cleaning.
Who was
Maurice Utrillo?
Glazing some paintings under special glass protects them from being touched, airborne contaminants, and these harmful rays.
What is
Ultra-violet light?
These "mercurial" creatures pose a threat in the archives, feeding on paper, glue and cloth.
What are silverfish (lepisma saccharina?)
This Picasso Masterwork hangs to the right of Matisse's
Seated Riffian
What is
The Peasants?
Barnes first saw this Masterwork in 1912, in Gertrude & Leo Stein's collection.
He bought it in 1923.
What is Le Bonheur du vivre, also called The Joy of Life?
This red industrial "metalwork" was seen in Room 5 between a Soutine and a Renoir in Merion; it is noticeably absent in the second edition of
What is a
fire extinguisher?
Light Focus
, (1950) by Alfred Otto Wolfgang Schulze, better known as this, was one of the last pieces Dr. Barnes added to his collection.
Who was
Nine of these 3D wooden
are on display in Room 20.
What are
African Masks?
This favorite color of Laura Barnes is found throughout the Arboretum.
(It isn't green.)
What is blue?
This fast-growing deciduous tree at the Arboretum is considered to be a living fossil.
What is the Dawn Redwood or Metasequoia?
is its Latin name, and one variety is named after Laura Barnes.
What is Lilac?
Started in 1968 by Arboretum Director John Milton Fogg Jr., it houses 10,000 dried specimens.
What is the Herbarium?
In the 1920s, John Prince held this now-discontinued position at the Arboretum, although it still exists on the Parkway.
What was
Topic 6 - 100 Clue
Topic 6 - 100 Clue
Correct Response
Topic 6 - 200 Clue
Topic 6 - 200 Clue
Correct Response
Topic 6 - 300 Clue
Topic 6 - 300 Clue
Correct Response
Topic 6 - 400 Clue
Topic 6 - 400 Clue
Correct Response
Topic 6 - 500 Clue
Topic 6 - 500 Clue
Correct Response
Developed by
Barnes and Hille
, this antiseptic silver nitrate compound was beneficial in treating eye inflammation, especially in infants.

Before the Barnes
What is Argyrol?
Barnes Jeopardy!
Content © 2015 J. Thomson for the Barnes Foundation.
Neither the Barnes Foundation, nor the author are affiliated with Jeopardy! or Sony Pictures Entertainment.
The information contained herein is solely for enjoyment and educational purposes, and shall not be used for any commercial pursuit.
The Barnes Foundation is a not-for-profit educational foundation founded by Dr. Albert C. Barnes in 1922. Located on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia, and on Latches Lane in Merion, PA.

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