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Tuesdays With Morrie

No description

Jill Finis

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Tuesdays With Morrie

Tuesdays With Morrie By: Mitch Albom Rising Action Climax The Tuesdays The Tuesdays The Tuesdays Characters Situation * Morrie's house on Tuesdays

* The year is 1995

* University of Brandeis in Waltham, Massachusetts

* Detroit, Michigan In this story, we meet two amazing people. One person is the author Mitch Albom. The other person we meet is the truly inspiring Morrie Schwartz. Morrie was Mitch's old college professor. Mitch found out from the news that Morrie has the disease ALS and is slowly dying. Mitch reconnects with Morrie every Tuesday to talk about life, what is important about life and values. * Morrie Schwartz- Mitch Albom's college professor and teacher of his classes about life life, Also known as coach.

*Mitch Albom- Morrie Schwartz's student in college and his student of
Morrie's class about life. College graduate and former student of Morrie Schwartz, Mitch Albom, had found out about Morrie's illness. Mitch remembered how at his college graduation he told Morrie that they would stay in touch and he would come visit. After the first visit the old friends decided they would meet every Tuesday and talk about the many subjects of life. On the first couple Tuesdays that Morrie and Mitch met, they talked about the world, feeling sorry for yourself, regrets and death. Morrie was old and wise where Mitch was young and unexperienced when it came to life. Morrie shared all of his thoughts with Mitch. On the first Tuesday Morrie surprised Mitch when he said that even though he was dying he still cared about the news and what was going on in the world. On the second Tuesday, Morrie said to Mitch that he only allowed himself to feel sorry for himself for a short period of time then he focused on all the good things. On the third visit Morrie stated that you need someone to probe you in the direction of thinking "Is this all? Is this all I want?". The fourth Tuesday that Mitch came, Morrie told him that death is not something to be ashamed of. One shouldn't sit there and wither, they should live the rest of their life while they can. As the Tuesday visits continued they talked about different subjects. They talked about family, emotions, the fear of aging and money. Mitch's younger brother moved to Spain and later found out he had cancer. He did not keep in contact with any family. Morrie helped him handle the situation with his brother. On the subject of emotions, Morrie taught Mitch about detachment. If at any time you are over-whelmed with a certain emotion, you have to stop, take a step back and detach yourself from the situation. Morrie explained to Mitch that no one should be afraid of aging and why he did not wish to go back to his youth. He said that one must embrace aging. If you embrace aging you learn more and become much more wise. Morrie did not wish to be a young age again because he has already been there and it is time for him to grow older and not go back. Going back means that you have regrets and you did not do what you wish you had done. Morrie stated that people who lack love, tenderness and compassion use power and money as a substitute. Neither money nor power can give you the same feeling as love, tenderness and compassion. As Morrie's disease became more severe, their Tuesday meet-ups slowly came to an end. The last subjects the old friends discussed were how love goes on, marriage, culture, forgiveness and the perfect day. Mitch learned that even if someone is dead the love still proceeds. That person will never be forgotten Morrie said, "Death ends life, not a relationship.". On the subject of marriage Morrie said that he felt sorry for out generation because we are too selfish to take part in a real loving relationship or we rush into it and get a divorce six months later. We don't even know who we are ourseves yet, so how are we supposed to know who we are marrying? Morrie told Mitch the people in our culture today are only mean when they feel threatened and when you are threatened you only look out for yourself. Morrie said, "Forgive yourself before you die. Then forgive others.". One must not pass away with a burden on their shoulders of not forgiving themselves for something they had done in the past. Morrie said that his perfect day would be waking up in the morning, doing his exercises, have sweet rolls and tea for breakfast, go for a swim, have his friends come over for a nice lunch, then go for a walk in a garden and look at all the scenery. At night he would go out to a nice resturant then go dancing. The climax of "Tuesdays With Morrie" is when Mitch and Morrie say goodbye to one another. At this time, Morrie's illness had really gotten to him. He was very weak and could barely talk. The two spent their last Tuesday together. They sat there holding hands while Morrie cried as they said their final I love you's. And for the first time Morrie finally made Mitch cry. Morrie's funeral took place a few days later on a windy, damp morning. He was burried exactly where he wanted to be. Morrie wanted to be burried at the top of a grassy hill with many trees. At their final goodbye Morrie told Mitch that after he is gone to visit him to talk. He said that it is Mitch's turn to talk and his turn to sit and listen. At the funeral Mitch tried talking to Morrie in his head and found that the conversation flowed effortlessly. He then realized, it was Tuesday. Morrie had died on a Saturday. He spent his final moments with his immediate family in his home. Two days after Mitch and Morrie's last visit, Morrie fell into a coma. He passed away when no one was in the room. Where no one had to be haunted by his final breath. He died the way he wanted to go. Peacefully. Exposition Setting The Tuesdays Falling Action Resolution Literary Devices Metaphor- Morrie's hibiscus plant is used as a metaphor in this story. As Morrie begins to slowly die and his illness becomes more severe the plant also starts to wither up and die.
Flashback- Throughout the story there are flashbacks to Morrie's childhood, Mitch's childhood and college. The flashbacks help give backround to the events happening in the present.
Symbolism- There is seasonal symbolism in this story as well. The healthiest Morrie was in the story was in the summer as plants and flowers were sprouting and blooming. Once it becomes colder his disease becomes worse. In winter everything dies and so does Morrie. Recommendations I would recommend this book to a more mature group of young adults and also adults who are interested with values and life. Younger children may not be mentally ready and or interested in life lessons and death.
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