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Animal Friendly Taxidermy

Inspiration for our second paper armature and papier mache project.

Vanessa King

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Animal Friendly Taxidermy

An Odd Idea What is TAXIDERMY? Animal Friendly Taxidermy The art and tradition of preparing, stuffing, and mounting the skins of animals with lifelike effect. Does this make it okay?
Pick 1 of the 3 artworks shown next and write down the message or purpose it has to you. Just by making a sculpture in the STYLE OF taxidermy will bring up ideas about taxidermy (tradition, history, animal cruelty, museum exhibits, hunters etc) for the artists and viewers. Animal Friendly TAXIDERMY Is taxidermy an ART FORM?
Why AND why not?
Write down your answers. These animals are often in museums and seen as a way of learning and natural history.
Other times they are simply a collection (trophies) of hunted animals. Some artists use taxidermy to prove a point and send a message that is important to them. Why might these artworks be so difficult to view as ART? Does sending an important message justify killing an animal?
ALL good questions!
Keep thinking about your opinions on this and EVERYTHING you might encounter. You never know when something will come up and inspire you to make something Which leads us to OUR project... This is WHY we needed to learn a bit about taxidermy & consider our thoughts about it.
ARTISTS USE IDEAS AROUND THEM TO CREATE ARTWORK. Let's create a "trophy" of an animal that we want to learn more about without harming any animals in the process. WHIMSY: is a magical playfullness
(that we can ALL use more of in life) 1. We will first make a list of 5 animals that you'd like to know more about.
Please note: this is NOT your 5 favorite animals. You might even DISLIKE some of these animals!
Think beyond the typical when you can. 2. Computer lab day to find some photos of our animal choices and do some research. Know your EMAIL address or bring a flash drive.

3. Begin building our animal's head out of newspaper (tape, foil and a large paper plate).

4. Papier mache the surface and embellish that surface with visual or actual texture (fabric, paint, collage, found materials etc. you will get EXTRA points if you bring in your own materials) "Today, artists and designers are creating decorative objects that raise questions how we relate to nature, decoration, craft, and history, often by contrasting the darkness of taxidermy with the warmth and familiarity of traditional materials and techniques." Let's create a sense of compassion for living creatures. Let's create a sense of WHIMSY* Needle point and branches You are encouraged to embellish the surface with design and other materials that you can bring in. #1 #2 #3
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