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Why Wolves Deserve A Second Chance

Please watch this Prezi; it will teach you the truth about wolves, add to your knowledge, seperate myth from reality, tell you what YOU can do to save wolves and WHY YOU SHOULD. It will tell you Why Wolves Deserve To Live! They need a voice, so BE ONE!

Kaylee Schuler

on 31 May 2011

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Transcript of Why Wolves Deserve A Second Chance

By : Kaylee Schuler - Wolf Girl Why wolves deserve
a second chance Let me begin by asking you one question:
What did wolves do to deserve
what they got?

They never did climb into bed and pretend
to be your grandma, did they? Good. Well, here's
the honest truth. There are many things commonly believed about wolves that are really, really not true.
One myth is that wolves attack and kill people. Wolves are WAY more afraid of you than you are of them, believe it or not. This is a good thing for the wolves and us. That way we keep our distances. But this can also pose as a problem. Since wolves are so secretive and rarely seen, we don't know much about them, so we assume things that are wrong. We create stories telling how wolves are "vicious, mindless, killing machines". PLEASE don't believe this! Another thing some people think is that wolves howl at the moon, especially the full moon. The truth is wolves rarely howl at night, mostly at dusk and dawn, or before and after a successful hunt. Some people also believe that people can turn into wolves, or werewolves, and that wolves and werewolves are the same thing. Believe what you will, but I strongly believe that werewolves are NOT real, and stories about them spark hatered in people for "evil wolves" that have to be hunted down. Also, people think wolves make good pets. They get them when they are pups, thinking they can domesticate and train them to be good pets, but they are wrong! It is very hard for a wolf to be cooped up in a house or even college dorm, and will often destroy things or make a mess. They can get so stressed they won't eat or drink, and they might start losing their fur! It is a very sad thing to do to a wolf, and is bad for both the person and animal. One more thing. You may know about certain people, such as state senators or representatives that seem to have a grudge against wolves. One reason that this may be is because when they were young they were introduced to all these myths about wolves, and learned to hate them because they believed things about them that ARE NOT TRUE. They are the ones woth the power to hurt wolves, so we MUST convince them NOT TO ALLOW WOLF HUNTING! We may be smaller or less powerful than them, but if we group together and tell them to STOP KILLING WOLVES!, we can give these animals a much needed second chance at survival! Those were just myths...Here are some REAL wolf facts: Wolves can run up to 45 miles per hour. They live in packs that can have as many as 20 members, consisting of Alphas, Betas, and Omegas.
The Alpha pair, the highest ranking members, are the only wolves allowed to have pups, to prevent overpopulation. They are the leaders and get to tell the other wolves what to do! Here are the things in a good Alpha:
Strong leadership skills
Not much aggression
Able to break up fights
Has to be aggreeable
Not too bossy
Freindly and kind
Always looking out for everyone
Able to keep everyone in line
Knows what to do when the going gets tough. Betas are the middle guys. They are lower ranking than Alphas, but higher ranking than Omegas. They are kind of like the sticky stuff that keeps the pack together. Omegas are the lowest ranking pack members. They are often treated a lot worse than others, but don't feel bad; omegas can choose to leave the pack at any time and go find a mate to start a new pack as an Alpha. Omegas also have to eat last. Alphas get first pick of their food, then betas, and if there is anything left and all the other wolves have eaten, omegas get their fill, too. Wolves can have around three to five pups every Spring, depending on if there is enough food to keep the mother strong. When the pups are born, they have dark, short fur, are blind and deaf, and can fit in the palm of your hand! All wolf pups are born with blue eyes that open two weeks after they are born that will later change to a golden, yellow, or orangey color. The whole pack helps care for the pups, brining the mother food so she can make milk, and when the pups get bigger, gaurding them from predators and helping teach them the ways of the wolf. WOLF MYTHS WOLF FACTS pACK LIFE FUZZY LITTLE PUPS what YOU can do to save the wolves Now, despite what you may think, you don't have to be all famous and on TV or be a published author or such and such... Every person can make a difference, no matter how small they are. You can... communication wolves communicate with body language as well as sounds. They use tails, ears, mouths and eyes to tell each other what they're thinking. Wolves communicate vocally using:
Barks (rarely)
"Boofs" (There is no name for it, but that's really what it sounds like!)
Dogs make many of the sounds that wolves do. Dogs are descendants of wolves, so if it weren't for wolves, dogs probably wouldn't even exist how they are today! wolf dogs There are a few seperate species of wolves. The two main species are Grey Wolves and Arctic wolves. Here are some differences between the two... super species Arctic Grey Arctics have rounded ears, whose shape helps keep them from getting frostbitten, Greys have pointed ears.

Arctics have black skin, just like polar bears! That makes it so they don't get sunburns in the constant sunlight. Greys have pink/white skin like most dogs.

Arctics have shorter legs and stockier bodies, build for deep snow. Greys have longer legs and lithe bodies.

Arctics have REALLY big paws that act like snowshoes! Greys have smaller paws.

Arctics have hollow gaurd hairs that act as a great insulation to the cold.

Greys can be any color (about!) from black to white, while Arctics are mostly white to greyish-white. Their colors help them blend in with their surroundings.

They are both totally neat and perfectly adapted for where they live! Ancestors look-alikes Many people think they have seen a wild wolf, even if wolves don't live where they are. Often what they are seeing is a large coyote or a wild dog. Both are descendants of wolves, so it's easy to get them mixed up. Here are a few differences between Wolves and Coyotes. coyote wolf Mottled, tan, brown and white fur,
very small with super narrow paws.
Commonly with lemony yellow eyes
and dark-tipped tail. Often much
smaller than a wolf, but bigger than
a fox. A loner, usually doesn't hunt in a pack except on certain occasions. Mostly a scavenger, not a predator. Without specific markings, varying in colors, most grey, brownish, black or white. large, webbed paws. When toes are spread as far as they go, they can be 6" apart! Eyes are golden, some more yellow or more orange. Hunts and lives with a pack. A predator, a wolf's diet consists of small animals and large hooved animals such as deer, elk and moose. Foxes are also relatives of wolves and coyotes. Write letters or emails to state representatives or the president to try and convince them to protect wolves
Call the white house (be prepared with something to say!!! I've done it.)
Raise money for any non-profit organizations that work to protect wolves
Organize Fundraisers
Blog about wolves
Put up signs on public billboards
Visit local wolf centers or sanctuaries
Search on the Web
Read up on articles about current wolf news
Inspire friends, family, relatives and other people to join you and help save these animals! Links www.wolfeducation.org
Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center
for more information on helping
wolves and wolf tours
for current wolf news and to
be a voice through knowledge
Defenders of Wildlife
Adopt a wolf for a small fee, and
your money goes to helping wolves
to help support mexican grey wolves
Wild Earth Gaurdians
support wolves
National Resources Defence Council
support wolves

~~~And search for more ways YOU can help wolves!~~~ ALERT! WOLVES HAVE BEEN DELISTED! Wolves have been stripped of their Endangered Species protections in Montana and Idaho! Thay are now in grave danger! Wolf Hunts are being planned, and it is now legal to go shoot and kill a wolf there! Even the less than fifty mexican grey wolves that roam this country could stray into that region and be shot down without a second thought! THIS. IS. NOT. RIGHT!!!! THEY DO NOT DESERVE THIS! We must FLOOD the White House with calls and tell them to MAKE THIS STOP! Not even newborn pups will be spared! THEY WILL GO EXTINCT IF WE DON'T STOP IT! And the hunting won't stop there. It will spread across the country untill there are no wolves left! CALL THE NUMBER FOR THE WHITE HOUSE! 202-456-1111!
PLEASE HELP US! Over all, what I'm trying to say is this: WOLVES ROCK! And now that you know the truth, please reach into the depths of your heart and find the compassion and love to help me and the many others comitted to this cause in our quest, and help us SAVE
WOLVES! wolf pup playing with a stick Wolf pup asking for food Adult wolf and pup playing together please help me! Some ranchers believe wolves should be hunted becuase they think that wolves kill their livestock. This is partially true; wolves can attack livestock if they are dsperate, but there are easy, cheap precautions that ranchers can take to keep wolves OFF their property. Even a simple fence with ribbons tied to it will work. For some reason if a wolf sees those ribbons move when the wind blows, it will get scared and run off. We are not sure why, but it works. Only 1% of livestock thought to be killed by wolves actually is! 1%! Some deer and elk hunters believe that wolves are NOT beneficial to the balance in nature, and think that in fact they are BAD for it. They believe that wolves are creating a bad impact on deer and elk populations and they will destroy those species and make it so there is not enough for the hunters to shoot! They are blaming the wolves for what they are doing!
Despite what many people believe, wolves actually do good for elk and deer. They only hunt the weak, old, and sick animals in the herds, keeping the herds stronger with no weak animals to slow them down. Wolves never go after the strong animals in the herd; they don't tire easily and will fight back too readily. The wolves would rather not take that chance. Thank you.
Maybe wolves
really can get
a second
after all. See a resemblence???
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