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The Palace of Versailles

Project for school

Teresa A.

on 19 June 2013

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Transcript of The Palace of Versailles

The Physical Features
The Gardens
A third of the palace building budget was spent on water features for the gardens
The King and Queen were not thinking of the needs of the people of France, and they thought only of themselves.
While they lived in luxury, the people were starving and became sick with terrible diseases.
The famous line "Let them eat cake" was spoken by Marie Antoinette. The people were so poor that they could not afford a loaf of bread. She instead told the people to eat cake which was, of course, much more expensive than bread. She assumed that the people would be able to get luxurious food like she could, but she was completely wrong.
The people became even more frustrated, so after a long rebellion, they were able to arrest the King and send him to the guillotine while locking the former queen and her sons in a tower in Paris. Soon later, she was also executed at the guillotine.
When I went to France, I thought that it was a beautiful country. Here are some pictures of Versailles that I took:
The Palace of Versailles
Symbol of the French Revolution
My Experience
The palace was a home for the King and Queen of France in the 1700s
There were 2,300 rooms, 67 staircases, 2,102 sculptures, and 1,400 fountains
The King and Queen had their own separate bedrooms
The palace itself was 977,718 square feet
Marie Antoinette, the Queen at the time of the French Revolution, introduced bathrooms to the palace
This is the Hall of Mirrors. It is one of the most famous rooms in the palace. You can see the many mirrors lining the wall of this amazing passageway. They were there to reflect the beautiful gardens outside. This is where festivities of the King and Queen took place.
The Hall of Mirrors
Damage to the gardens prompted Louis XIV make them private, but changed his mind so that people would come and envy his beautiful gardens
There are geometric patterns of paths, bushes, flowers, and trees
Marie Antoinette had her own "miniature" yet rather large second home near the gardens that she would retreat to when things in the palace became chaotic
This is a portion of the gardens of Versailles. You can see intricate pathways and flowers.
This is another portion of the gardens. The tall bushes surround a beautiful fountain. The King had a particular liking for fountains. He had over 1,400 of them. The long pathways lead to the center of the gardens.
The French Revolution
King Louis XVI
Marie Antoinette, Louis XVI's wife
The Palace Today
Today, the palace is a large museum and one of many French tourist attractions. There are hundreds of rooms to explore. Most of the furniture that was originally in the palace was destroyed after the King was arrested, so many pieces in the museum today are reproductions.
The palace was large enough to house 5,000 to 6,000 people
It took 60% of France's money to build the palace
The Plans for the Palace
The Final Product
"Let them eat
"There is little that
can withstand a man who can conquer himself."
Built in

-Marie Antoinette
-Louis XIV
Only the best artists were allowed to paint in the palace
A view of the palace today
from the front gate.
Louis XIV, Louis XVI's grandfather, had the idea for the palace and ordered for it to be built in 1624. It became a symbol of the great luxuries that the Royal family had at their fingertips.
How the Palace Affected the People
The palace had a big effect on the people of France. The King and Queen appeared to be bragging about how rich they were to the people who were poor and dying of starvation and disease. The palace became a symbol of an uncaring and selfish monarchy. This motivated the people to rise up and fight for their basic rights as citizens.
The King of France during the French Revolution which began in 1789.
The grounds cover 2,014 acres
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