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1/24 Reproductive System

No description

Leah Clement

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of 1/24 Reproductive System

Smart Start You have 5 minutes to quietly complete the following your on Smart Start sheet. 1.What is the function of the reproductive system (2 complete sentences)?
2.What is sperm? What is an egg? How do they interact (2 complete sentences)?
3.What classes have you learned about the reproductive system in? What other information have you learned (3-4 complete sentences)? Objectives Students will WRITE a creative story describing the “travels of a sperm in search of his egg,” describing the journey a sperm takes and the anatomy a sperm passes through to reach the egg.

Students will EXPLAIN the function of the reproductive system

Students will COMPARE and CONTRAST the major structures of the male and female reproductive systems Homework 1/24: Finish your reproductive system creative writing piece Race to the Egg! the journey of a sperm... a creative writing piece INTRODUCTION: The function of the reproductive system is to allow for a series of events that can lead to the birth of a baby. Males and females each have structures specialized for their roles in reproduction. Two key players in the story of reproduction are the sperm and the egg. In this activity, you will write a short story detailing the journey of a sperm cell in search of his beloved egg. Your story begins in the testes of the male and ends in the fallopian tube of the female when the sperm finds and fertilizes his egg. Be creative! Tell the story of a sperm’s challenging race to find the egg! To help, you will be provided the female and male reproductive anatomy and short descriptions of the function of each structure.GRADING: The assignment is worth 20 classwork points5 points for correctly describing the journey of the sperm5 points for including all required structures5 points for creativity5 points for effort, spelling and grammar EXAMPLE: The beginning of your story could start like this…Once upon a time there was a sperm that lived in the testes of a man’s scrotum. The sperm’s name was Steve. One day, when Steve felt grown up, he decided to go on quest to find his soul mate, an egg whose beauty and grace he’d heard stories about since he was a child. He began his long journey by… What challenges might the sperm face on it's journey to the egg?
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