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Were heath and his goverment responsible for their own downfall?

essay plan

Liam Hallett

on 30 January 2011

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Transcript of Were heath and his goverment responsible for their own downfall?

Were heath and his government responsible for their downfall? Essay Plan Intro - brief summary *1
paragraphs - more in depth look at main points *5-7
Conclusion - overall summary, opinions, final answer Intro Roughly outline the premise and key points
Weigh up and briefly describe key points
link to conclusion by hinting at answer
Paragraphs Point, Quote (mention origin of the source), comment *1-4
Weigh up positives and negatives
Conclude (1 short sentance)
Where there is a lack of quotes, use own knowledge Conclusion Begin by stating what makes a point most important
summarise each of the main points
sum up with a conclusory sentance saying what was most important and why
Maybe end with a quote for impact and to corroborate your answer
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