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stonehenge ftw

No description

Angoose twinsley

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of stonehenge ftw

Who built Stonehenge ?
When and where was Stonehenge built?
fun facts
Fun Facts
1. Stonehenge on the summer solstice at sun rise the sun travels through the rocks perfectly
how was Stonehenge built?
Stonehenge by Caroline Malone and Stone Bernard
Well there are a lot of theories of how Stonehenge was built here's one.
thanks for watching
the end
what are the stones made of, And where did they get the stones?
the tall up right stones are sarsens witch were quarried in Wails.

2. Stonehenge was built before Egypt built its pyramids
By Angus Tinsley.
1. the neolithic people put down wooden logs with the sarsen stones on them with put ropes on them then a team of people pulled the stones in to the right hole.
here's a picture of Stonehenge.
3. Stonehenge was a cremation burial
the people of neolithic Britain built Stonehenge.They used deer antler pickaxes and stone shovels and hundreds of peoples

did you see me
The smaller stones are blue stones from Carn Menyn high in the Preseli Hills of Pembroke shire.
In 2600 BC was when Stonehenge was built. Stonehenge was built on Salisbury plane in wilt shire England.
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