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Lahaina Intermediate School Rocks!!

ShayLea Ruiz,Period 2 Jasmine Cabanilla,Period 2

Jasmine Cabanilla

on 21 September 2011

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Transcript of Lahaina Intermediate School Rocks!!

Lahaina Intermediate School Rocks Our School Vision Statement English Translation :
Forward Forward
Our Sons and Daughters
Strive For Excellence Awards :
Student of the Month
Imua Awards
Ke'Alii Pride Imua Imua !!! Renaissance Awards : wet and wild!:) Pizza Hut :D Dance at Wailea <3 COME COME YOU ARE WELCOME! Located On The Beautiful Island Of Maui In Lahaina!!!<3 Community Service!! Snack Attack!! chorus!! Band!! School Is Important and Lahaina Intermediate Is Perfect! P.E. Caring Teachers!! Caring Kids!! So Much Fun!! Great Awards!! & Alot More Follow The Tribe Agreements And You Will Have Fun! beach bashes : ) Ko Kakou Mau Pua Ho'ikaika Ka Wekiu Tribe Agreements No Put Downs Appreciation Mutual Respect & Right To Pass The Community Outback Steakhouse Our Principal and Part Of Our Campus We have fun projects! Bring ethinic group food You do this Prezi.com Pin Wheels
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