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BK Social Media Comm Plan

No description

Eileen Luo

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of BK Social Media Comm Plan

Andrea Johnson
Shannon Murakami
Shayna Cooperstone
Xiao Luo Burger King Social Media Communication Plan Strategies To isolate the incident with the the affected area and address the concerns of those directly affected in the area
To address any concerns of consumers outside the affected area in order to maintain peace of mind in all of Burger King’s customers. Purposes and Objectives Isolate the incident in our messaging
Establish peace of mind through controlled transparency
Reinforce commitment to providing quality food in our statements Burger King needs a Social Media plan. If there is a case of food contamination due to a problem within the BK supply chain, how can the company get a handle on the situation within 72-hours using social media? Our number one priority is customer safety
Burger King is committed to providing consumers with their best burger experience Crisis Burger King consumers who use social media
Food investigation organizations
Major news outlets
Burger King's employees Tactics FAQ Link
Will consolidate concern consumers
A statement made by CEO
Reddit Q&A session with PR representative
Facebook/ Twitter Timeline (72 Hours) d Key Audiences Day 1 Hour 1 and 2
Discover where the problem stems from and if it is an isolated incident.Begin monitoring social media sites
Hours 3-7
Contact affected stores and address any employee questions
Hours 7-12
Speak with corp. legal counsel and begin working with CEO for Youtube statement
Hours 12-24
Pitch to Reddit regarding Q&A with CEO or head of BK PR
Prepare CEO/PR rep. with possible questions and potential answers for Reddit session
Begin FAQ internet page to lunch before day's end Day 2 Day 3 Launch an apology statement on its social media site: Remain active on Facebook and Twitter.
Give concerned parties access to FAQ site to make answer any concerns
Monitor site
Deliver the key message on the social media site.
If story gets picked up by major news site:
Monitor people’s response to key messages Manage varying customers responses
Create a BK online communities on its social media site. Increase and enhance the interaction between the BK and its customers on its social media site.
Work with food investigation organization to prevent problem from occurring in the future
Inform customers that actions are being taken and BK is working with the investigation group.
Monitor social media sites What was the reaction to the statement? Escalation? De-escalation? Deletions? Bans? Evaluation Points How many people viewed our posts compared to number of comments? Adjust the plan accordingly. Based on a sense of de-escalation, which social media site returned to its normal state more quickly?
Did customers feel heard? PR Team
Will manage and provide consistent reputation communication
General in-house lawyer
Will handle any legal issues Key Messages What could have made our customers feel more appreciated/hear?
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