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The Hunger Gmaes

No description

Ivan Corralejo

on 29 January 2015

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Transcript of The Hunger Gmaes

The Hunger Games

The hunger games is about(13) district that fight every year and With only One Winner. A girl named Katniss that volunteers to play the hunger games so her sister dose not have to go. Katniss Is good at only one one weapon bow.She is about to go into the 74th anuall Hunger Game. They are not starving its a game of survival.Where everyone participating in the games must either die or fight to win. You can make different team before you enter the games and Katniss makes a couple.Then the games finally begin and Katniss almost dies but run away. Eventually katniss finds one of her comrade. They find poison berries to make the last competitor die. The last competitor captures Peeta but Katniss shoots him and he dies, that is how Katniss Everdeen wins the hunger games. But this hunger games there is two winners PEETA AND KATNISS
Short summary

The Hunger Games
by Suzanne Collins
Personal Opinion
I think this book is a good book by Suzanne Collins and i really recommend this book to all my classmates. I try to continue to read on the whole serious of book from the hunger games. But this is a very good book and i like the movies im am planing on watching the new movie.
Winners of the 74 ANUAL Hunger games
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