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No description

Marek Siarkiewicz

on 14 April 2011

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Transcript of Self-management

SELF - MANAGEMENT SLEEPING 1 let's start ! What you have to know
about sleeping? 1) Sleeping to long makes you innefective
and addicted to sleeping. Everybody can
change it. Exercise: write breifly your working day schedule (5') 2) sleeping is not wasting time ! 3) It influences the whole day positively or negatively. (wielu się usprawiedliwia że tacy się
urodzili - bzdura !)
sen nie jest nagrodą tylko normalnym
stanem organizmu (w weekend to sobie
pośpię!) to niezdrowe tak samo jak nagradzanie sie
za osiągnięca alko i jedzeniem. How to become a
master of sleep? 4) Sleep phases. tylko przez ok. 25% jesteśmy w głębokich fazach
snu. 25 w fazie REM. W REM porządkujemy to co za dnia
się zdarzyło. Jest ważna, ale nie tak jak głęboka. Nie należy
jej całkiem ucinać, daltego 6h jest zajebiste. You need to become keen on: Falling asleep Getting UP 5)Temperature of body matters The meaning of
body temperature: amplituda dobowa - 2 stopnie. Big amplitude: propper sleeping. Small amplitude: crappy sleeping. Melatonine - hormon of dream Sleep in dark places! emanate -
wydzielać się Brightness:
Darkness: no melatonine
melatonine ! Advice: Before sleeping: Relax
Don't move too much
Don't excercise
Don't eat or/and
drink alko DO SPORTS
Just do it! The power of regularity:
regular day and night cycle gives you all day long energy. You will resign from coffe. It's good to experiment with sleeping:
You wake up during deep sleep:
You wake up during REM phase: Not cool
Cool Don't ignore the alarm ! Write your "to do list" few hours before going to bed. Prepare a glass of water Other tips&tricks: Never treat sleeping longer as a prize. A cup of coffe trick 2 3 SELF-DISCOVERY My: what are we good at
what are we bad at
something which doesn't depend on us
what can we do fast(er than others)
what do we do slow(er than others) Strenghts:
Tempo: Why adjusting ourselves to
our goals while you can to the oposite and be excellent at something? Excercise:
Identify those
and the conse-
quences of it
(10') If you didn't think this way
what you should do is: Reconstruct your thinking of yourself. Change workfield. Reconstruct your goals. Stop being good at everything.
Be excellent at one, two or three activities. Rockstars.com Speech ! GTD way of managing Basicly in "getting things done: the art of stress-free productivity" David Allen tells us to do things done NOW if it takes us less than 2 minutes. 4 TIPS: Write down in your notebook (mobile) what have you done good. Everytime when it happens.

Ask friends what they think you do best.

Draw w jahari window
(a graph !) REGULARITY Just look at the graph Planning is about: Doing small, regular steps small, regular steps small, regular steps Useful tools:
google calendar
notebook (words)
mobile (words)
alarm reminders If you know yourself, you know how
to do something and you have a plan of it... than everything gets SIMPLE...
but of course not EASY. SIMPLE vs EASY
?? And is simple but
not easy. STRESS Why do we
get stressed?
(discussion) Not always when we
are nervoused the cause
of it is stress. For me stress is caused mostly
because of lack of:
knowledge, abilities, experience
What means that we should get
necessary knowledge, skills and the most
important: experience. You will always feel some stress, it's normal. Some tips&tricks on Your ideas But firstly:
having a written
GOAL whcih will motivate you. My system Mobile reminders
Facebook, gmail
Typing new words to mobile, notepad
Little pleasures :>
Finishing a day before deadline
Breaks in work 1) Remind a situation when you dealt with
something really good.
2) Point key factors of this succes. Remember
to "come out of your box" and think widely
about those factors (besides that you're
awesome, think about:
- what did you eat, drink
- what was your mood and why?
- were you alone or with a company?
- were were you?
- were you hungry?
- was there a mass in the place you were?
- how were you dressed (casual, homestyle, official?)
- did you use gmail, facebook, adultfriendfinder?
- did the music play? Which music?
- what was the time?
- etc... ! A hand&breath "trick" Finding funny sides Comparisons Just leave it attitude If I have no influence -
it's stupid to be stressed Think of it as a positive stress Excercise (7') Ok...
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