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Digital Portfolio


Jody Turpin

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Digital Portfolio

John Ruskin
Balad Personification: The wind whispers tales of long forgotten times. Alliteration: we wait by the window, watching Hyperbole: life is put on hold
To Spring by William Blake Blank Verse The Restoration and Enlightenment
1660-1798 Written between
1769 and 1777 Forth with thy fair finger Thine angel eyes upon our western isle

Free verse With a bow,
Summer is taking its leave orange gourds litter the landscape Summer Nights
by Jody Turpin Free Verse The untouched activity is
like a peaceful dream.
Frogs sing back and forth Petrarchan sonnet Written in 1802 The Flowering of Romanticism (1798–1832) Rite of Spring by Seamus Heaney

Written in 2005 Post Modern Literature Personification: Line 1 So winter closed its fist The twisting of wheat straw into ropes, lapping them tight Similie: Line 12 Personification: Line 2 Storms on the Horizion by Jody Turpin Nature's Change Imagery: Lines 7-8 by Jody Turpin Hyperbole: Line 12 Personification: Line 2
Free verse Alliteration: Line 13 Metaphor: Line 13 Nature's Say by Jody Turpin Elizabethan Sonnet Personification: Line 1 With Spring's soft entry, carrying the green Imagery: Line 3 Autumn's breeze http://allpoetry.com/poem/6416839 May 5th
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