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TAO restaurant communication plan

No description

Irene Liu

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of TAO restaurant communication plan

Tao Restaurant Uptown New York
Irene, Syrah, Serena
Communication plan
Table of content

Background of Tao
PR problem
Aim of campaign
Value proposition
Target audience
Buyer persona
Customer decision journey
Gantt chart
Customer decision journey
Target audience
Buyer persona
PR Problem
Age: 30-40
Education: University graduate
Social Class: "White-collar workers"
Income: 10K-20K $
Interest: Travel in Asia
PR Problem
Value proposition

Value proposition

Value proposition

Target audience
We learned
Activity 1
Gantt chart
Activity 2
Gantt chart
Activity 3
Gantt chart
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Background of Tao
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Asian Bistro in New York
(Taorestaurant, 2013)
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Low brand awareness
(Google, 2015)
"A brand should strive to
own a word
in the mind of the consumer."

- Al Reis and Laura Reis
(Taorestaurant, 2013)
(Bizcommunity, 2015)
Unsuccessful management of Facebook
Trendy and Fancy Atmosphere
Unique experiences
Food type and price
The percentage of Americans following any brand on social network has increased from
16% to 33%.
Only one reply
(Baer, 2015)
(Facebook, 2015)
Position Tao restaurant uptown New York recognized as the best Asian restaurant in New York thru show on the
first page
in search engine, generate
“Talking about this” on Facebook through inbound marketing and guerrilla marketing in one quarter from May to July in 2015.
Differential dinning atmosphere
(Taorestaurant, 2013)
(princesswithabackpack, 2013)
Specialized in variety of Asian authentic food
Online Activity (Official Website)
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Offline Activity (Publicity Stunt)
Online Activity (Facebook)
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"Be a successful campaign has to include online and offline. Marketing that combines both online and offline provides a more comprehensive strategy, taking the best aspects of "old" and "new".
- Andrew Gough

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Taste - Beverages
Smell - Dishes
Touch - Culture
Sight - Decoration
Hearing - Customer
(Aaserud, 2014)
Form professional image
Keep information updated
Always accessible
Official Website
Publicity Stunt
Objective 1
Provide a direct platform to our target and potential customers with 1,000 reviews on official website which to make TAO easily found and increase brand awareness from May to July in 2015
Objective 2
To attract 10,000 potential customers to “Talk about it” on Facebook page, let them get interested in TAO and leave comments, as well as making interaction with target audience from May to July, 2015
Objective 3
To create word of mouth and give indelible impressions to target audience in order to increase brand awareness from May to June, 2015
Appropriate and affordable price
Suit target audiences
Attract the potential customers
Provide customers support
Increase brand awareness
Has a dual purpose
Draw media attention
Direct increase word of mouth “buzz"
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Feature video
Delivery App
Facebook Coordinator
Facebook Coordinator
Official Website
15 packages with special menu & price
Facebook Homepage
Aim of campaign



(Gough, 2015)
Full transcript