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Roman Empire - Trade & Conquest

No description

Jurrien Cremers

on 4 May 2016

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Transcript of Roman Empire - Trade & Conquest

Roman Empire:
Trade & Conquest

Explain how Rome could become a centre for trade.
Explain why Rome expanded its territory.
Explain how Rome could conquer so much land.
Explain how the conquered lands were governed.
Describe important terms: conquest, province, governor
Rome: trading centre
Good location: Tiber river, Mediterranean Sea
Pax Romana made trade easier
the empire
one coin (sestertius)
road system

Rome built an army to:
conquer more land
expand trade routes
become even richer!
Successful because:
1. strategy and discipline
2. better equipment
3. endless soldiers

250 BC
264-146 BC
West: Spain, France, Britain
East: Greece, Egypt, Judea
± 100 AD: maximum expansion
Extra information:
expansion of Rome
By 250 BC modern-day Italy was conquered

Contact with Carthage (North Africa)
controlled sea trade
264-146 BC: Rome conquered Carthage

Expansion continued
East: Greece, Egypt, Judea (Israel)
West: Spain, Britain, Gaul (France)

± 100 AD: maximum expansion of Rome
was ruled by a
Each province was required to:
provide soldiers
pay taxes (money, slaves, food)
worship Roman gods
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