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D1-Recovering From A Disaster

Ict Level 3 Btec : Unit 7 - Organisational Systems Security

jhora akthar

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of D1-Recovering From A Disaster

D1-Recovering from a disaster BY JHORA AKTHAR
a disaster recovery is when your system gets destroyed which can take place from catastrophic problems from hacker attacks or computer viruses to even a natural disaster which caused by nature and cant be controlled a natural disasters are things like flood, fire, or earthquake, which can take place at any time. A disaster recovery happens a lot in business and organization.
Having an disaster recovery plan is beneficial as it can keep systems from getting destroyed. Disaster recovery A back – up system is a system that makes copies of documents so in case the original copy is lost or corrupted the back-up system can then be used.
Having an back – up system can prevent financial loss in organisations. If you have it all backed up on a separate hard drive you can transport all of your material whenever you need to. So if you have to give a presentation all you need is to bring your external drive. Back-up Systems Whole system replacement is a method of recovery which is the most unwanted in which organisations want to adopt because not only does it show their failure , to form an affective plan based on the possibility of a disaster occurring, but it will also place a awkward commercial burden on the organisation. Whole system replacement
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