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Life Cycle of A Bee

No description

Mae L

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Life Cycle of A Bee

Life Cycle of A Bee
By: Emerlyn, Angeli, Marybelle, and Jemimah

Stages of the Bee Life Cycle

Queen Bee
The queen bee has 3 extra stages: Queen Cell Capped day 7 and a half
Emergence day 15 and a half - day 17
Nuptial Flights day 20-24

Queen bees have fully developed ovaries.
They lay up to 2000 eggs a day, fertilized eggs are females and unfertilized eggs are males.
When the queen dies, bees will choose a new queen by picking a young larva and feeding a diet of royal jelly.
The queen bee lives for 2-5 years.
Worker Bee
The worker bee has 9 different jobs. For example, undertakers remove any dead bees and dispose them as far from the hive. Fanning the bee hive controls the temperature and humidity of the hive by communication. Guarding the bee hive is the last task of the house bee before she ventures out. Only family members are allowed to pass. Bees from other hives are allowed if they bribe the guards with nectar. Field bees are only bees that are ventured. They visit 5 million flowers to produce a single pint of honey.
Worker bees live for 1-4 months.
Drone Bee
Drone bees have very large eyes and no stinger to defend themselves. Drones don't feed themselves. They are fed by workers. Their sole purpose in life is to mate with a virgin queen. After mating they die. If not mated by winter, they are kicked out of the hive and often dire because of predators.
Drone bees live 40-50 days.
-looks like sausage-shaped poppy seeds
-has small opening at broad end of egg
-upon hatching resembles a small, white, curved worm with no eyes or legs
-first 2 days, larvae is fed honey, pollen, and water
-molts 5 times
-change from worm-like larval body to adult body (shape with 3 distinct body regions)
-either workers(sterile females), queens(fertile females), or drones (fertile males)

Interesting Facts
The Queen bee is in its egg for 3 days
The Worker bee is in its egg for 3 days
The Drone bee is in its egg for 3 days
The queen bee is in the larva stage for 5 and a half days.
The worker bee is in this stage for 6 days.
The drone bee is in the larva stage for 7 days.
The queen bee is in its pupa stage for 8 days.
The worker bee is in its pupa stage for 12 days.
The drone bee is in its stage for 14 days.
When the queen bee is still a virgin, she flies to find several drones in order to lay eggs.
When the worker bee is an adult, their job is to visit flowers, collect pollen, and bring it back to the hive to be made into honey.
When the drone bee is an adult, its sole purpose is to mate with a virgin queen.
-bees can only see yellow, blue-green, blue, purple, and "bees purple" which is a mixture of yellow and ultra violet
-they can't see red
-sense of vision to locate flowers
-royal jelly is a milky substance that has the power to turn an ordinary bee to a queen bee.
-royal jelly contains vitamin B
-in the winter, worker bees are loaded with protein and are referred to as "fat bees"
-work as a team
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