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Washington State University

No description

alejandra cauichucan

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Washington State University

WSU encourage all students to apply for scholarships.

Grades, talent, financial need, leadership, ambition — any one of these could qualify you for one of several hundred different award programs at WSU.
WSU has scholarships for:
◦Washington state residents
◦Out-of-state students
◦Transfer students
◦International students
◦Military and veteran benefits

We are part of the Cougar Family
The teachers really get to know you and work with you if your struggling with your work, they care about you like if you where their own family.
Location Pullman
The Cougar family comes to support their team!
Washington State University
Pullman weather's

The lowest temperature that
Pullman has is 24 F for winter
Now summer the highest they have got is 83 F
Which means that
Pullman has nice hot summers and beautiful snowy winters.
Because I'm a hands on learner it would be great school it has a lot of hands on and one on one time you you really understand the work you are doing.
These figures are for the 2013-14 academic year.

Resident (WA) Non-resident (out of state)
Tuition $11,390 $24,478

Mandatory Fees $930 $930

Housing (Rooms) $6,930* $6,930*

Dining (Board) $3,938* $3,938*

Total Coast $27,696** $40,778**

To get in to WSU you must Meet

• Four years of English
• Two years of foreign Language
• Three years of Social Studies
• Three years of Math ( but they Recommended 4 yrs)
• Science
•Visual/Performing Arts one year
•Academic Electives one year
• 2.5 Minimum GPA
If you're a freshman under 20 years of age, you'll live on campus - in a residence hall or a fraternity or sorority - for your first year at WSU.

In addition, there is a Freshman Focus program that gives you an instant community — you'll recognize people from your residence hall in at least two of your classes. When you're going to your first college classes with people who already live right next door, you get a better start.

Washington State University
Home of the Cougers
Motto: World Class. Face to Face
Washington State University



Application deadlines
Fall semester
January 31
Priority date for fall semester admission applications
Scholarship application deadline

February 15
Submit the FAFSA by this date for priority financial aid consideration

Spring semester
November 15
Ice hockey
Soccer and more..
They get want you to succeed their they willing to help anytime, the school has clubs for homework and the teachers are there to work with you.
Some of the classes you can take is Anthropology, Hospitality business management, Psychology, Sociology, Zoology and 200 more classes
I'm not sure what i want to yet, i really like WSU because the people are great and amazing the care for you and want you to go far in life.
I really liked how everyone knows everyone and they really are like one big family.
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