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Crane Project

by Emily ,Briant, Shana,and Donte

Emily Cross

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Crane Project

The crane boom must attach to the tower provided
A one-quarter inch (1/4") hole will be used to mount the boom to the tower
All joints must be glued (no mechanical fasteners)
You may not touch the tower or the boom during testing
Counterweights are allowed, but they may not be adjusted during testing
The boom must hold a weight fourteen inches (14") from the tower center
The maximum length of the boom is twenty inches (20")
A mechanism/member must be provided at the end of the boom for attaching a hook for holding the test weights
The boom must be the structure which holds the weight, not the testing device Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 Goal Start Defining the Problem Our crabe Thank you for watching we hope that you enjoyed The Crane Strain Emily Cross
Shana Burke
Donte McCain
Bryant Woods Brainstorming and Researching ideas Criteria & Constraints ignore the vibrating man Load held- 1865 grams 4.103 pounds
Mass of the boom- 138 grams .3036 pounds
Length of boom- 16 inches
Engineering Efficientcy- 13.51449275% Making a Prototype Materials and Requirements design, construct a crane that will hold the most weight before failing A seven jointed wooden frame with the running both underneath and on top of the structure, and make a base out of the craft sticks keeping it stable while also using hot glue (bolts) to keep it intact. Materials Hot Glue
Wood Strips (1/8" x 1/4" x 24)
Seven feet (7 ft.) of mason string/fishing line
Ten (10) craft sticks Requirements Must pick up object 14" away from the crane
Has to be at most 20" long
Has to be at most 24" tall
Crane tower must be 3"x3"
Connecting pin must be 3" :)
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