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No description

Gurveer Khaira

on 16 October 2014

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Transcript of Skyrim

Skyrim combines a RPG like story with fps type gameplay
unique story with many twists and turns
awesome skill tree with a very unique look with several unique perks to skyrim
you can even become a vampire or ware wolf
freshness and playability
Skyrim has a very unique environment and landscape also having one of the biggest maps in video game history
Skyrim has a story with literally hundreds of quests to do for hours and hours
Each and Every character having their very own personal story
there is a unlimited number of side-quests to do with lots being very unique and even having easter eggs and collectables
creative control
Everything you do in the game matters including stealing small items to killing people to even doing quests
if you kill a person they wont just come back to life the next day, they will stay dead forever
if you do something big like killing a dragon,it becomes infamous and everyone knows about it and they will mention it when they see you or if you help defend a city against intruders or other threats people in that city will praise you while the if you go to the intruders they will trash talk you and may even attack you
Equal Opportunity
all enemies are scaled to your level
except special ones which are higher or sometimes even having set levels to defend certain things like special areas which are meant to be for higher levels only or some enemies like giants and mammoths will have a higher starting level because it would be unfit to make them weak
loot and enemy equipment is always scaled to your level so you wont be finding a top-notch sword at the start of the game you will find a sword that is probably made of iron or steel
at the start of the game you are given a pair of basic guard armor and a basic sword to defend yourself
learning and mastering
skyrim has tons of surprises ranging from dragons coming out of nowhere to vampires coming from behind and contracting you a disease that makes you a vampire
some surprises are even just plain out weird like a talking dog coming out of where and telling you to follow just for you to end up doing the bidding of a daedric prince
By Gurveer Khaira
Made by and published by Bethesda Softworks
released in 11-11-11
for the xbox 360,Play Station 3 and pc
at the start of the game you are taught how to do the basics but to there are some advanced things that you have to learn by yourself and some you cant even do until you unlock them through the skill tree
when you start the game you are a weakling and you have to become stronger to conquer Skyrim,at the start of the game city guards will be like gods compared to you but later on when you begin to master the game you will dominate the guards and you may even be able to intimidate them
there are 9 capital cities in the province of skyrim that all have their own jarl and its own people and most of them have quests for you to do,some may be someones afternoon chores while other's may be crazy or suicidal quests like sending you to check out a dragon massacre area or sending you in the catacombs to grab some ashes because they are too scared of the lurking undead
there are several classes and races to choose from and master but they all have 18 skill trees to complete
Why Skyrim is the best
there are so many things that you get control in the game from deciding your race to suit your needs to change the look to give your character the perfect look or make him look like Shrek with a swollen face,chose your combat style from using swords and shields to fight with force,magic to trick,kill,avoid or make enemies betray their allies to being a assassin where you hide in the shadows and kill without people knowing you were even there with a bow,slitting their throat,killing them in their sleep and just poisoning their food or better yet combine the three to make a crazy wizard with a enchanted sword with poison on it and a magic spell to go invisible
my second reason why Skyrim is the best is because all the awesome quests to do in the game,the main story is about the uprising of the dragon race and their leader Alduin 'the world eater' destroying the world but there are also other quests made for each play style,the mages college for wizards where you master your magic skills and find artifacts,the companions guild for warriors who are all about strength and they can also help you become a ware wolf,the dark brotherhood for people who like to be deadly assassins and earn money and last but not least the thieves guild for less aggressive people where killing targets is forbidding and you are also allowed to steal.you can get higher ranks in each guild to master them all and thats not even 1/100 of all the quests in the game i have 300 hours played on PS3 and about 400 played on Xbox 360 with like 20 on pc and i still get on Skyrim once in a while just to see the beautiful world of Skyrim and interact with all the people and things,to be specific there are over 300 quests just in the basic game without DLC or counting the random quests.
my final reason why Skyrim is the best is because of the world of Skyrim,it has so many things to do,so many secrets to discover,so many jokes to laugh at,so many enemies to fight,so many quests to do,so many people to interact with so many... you get the point it has alot of everything,from getting married to buying your house from the ground up to adopting kids so you have a full family,you can even get a bard for your house if you need a little cheering up.
combat is one of the funniest things in skyrim, at least for me because some may disagree but there is nothing more tense than fighting a dragon that is flying around breathing fire at you while you run around trying to hit it with magic or a bow,you can even get a companion to help you out or even use a magic shout to call a dragon to assist you and if you are near a city the guards will assist you but if there are also raiders or wild animals near they may jump in on the fight and start a all on war where you go on as you use your other dragon shout to call in a thunderstorm where lightning is striking everywhere as the innocent citizens run around in terror hiding in their houses
Gameplay Video
<one of the best armor sets in the game
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