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Comm arts poems

my poems

Kiera Rausch

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Comm arts poems

Land of Freedom
The sapphire blue water rushes past me,
The emerald green fields of hope blossom,
Crimson fish niddles at my toes,
Cool, crisp air rushes through my hair,
This is the land of hope and dream.
As I lay down the grass swallows me,
I dream of a land of freedom.
Apple grasses, azure blue skies,
And the burnt orange sun.
The Land of Freedom is where I want to be.
Nay, where I need to be.
Where all dreams come true,
All hope binds together,
Peace drifts in the brezze,
No one is inharms way.
This is the Land of Freedom.
Where all should lay,
As peaceful as sleep. Forgotten A song plays in the background.
Laughter arises and falls.
Happiness is spreaded all around you.
You are just a shadow of yourself.
People walk through you.
You are ignored and forgotten.
Your anger and sadness mend creating a new emotion.
Suitcases are packed.
The window to freedom opens.
You climb down to begin your new life.
As you run your adreniline kicks in.
A highway comes into veiw.
You stop but it is too late.
CRASH. All is dark.
Your life is done.
Your as dead as death itself.
The truck had not seen you.
No one claims you....
You are forgotten forever. The Test Stairs creaking and doors slamming,
Screams evaporate in the mist,
Glass shatters like diamond sparkles,
The choice is easy: Life or Death.
You run for your life.
Trying to escape in't worth it.
The answer hangs on your tounge.
You stutter uncontrollably.
Everyone is watching you.
Then the final bell rings.
You leave the classroom.
Only to be asked the same question again tomorrow.
What is five plus five? School The ending is never fun.
It may be a step closer but it could mean losing something.
The memories have been great the last few years.
You gain knowledge and you lose some.
Life is just around the bend.
Life is coming up as quickly as a cheetah.
Life lets you discover new things.
Some friends may be lost in the process.
But some may be gained.
Your steering towards reality.
Before you know it your an adult.
Life has speede by.
Life is a mountian.
It could be hard or easy.
There is only one way to know. Friends Friends hang on no matter what the cost.
Even if you get lost.
Friendship is a prize.
Not something you can throw away.
No matter what the situation,
My friends are always there.
They are my life line.
They are like roses.
They may be tough at times,
But their soul is beautiful.
Souls sounding in secrets sending sighns of hope. The Broken Heart I once had a heart that was fixed,
But now it is all mixed.
All because of that little girl,
Who made me want to hurl.
She took my happy, mad and sad.
She took my grandpa, mom and dad.
She took my sister and my brother,
Even my god father and god mother.
She took it all, all away,
Now my heart is left to decay,
To rot like flesh. Death Darkness lingering in the corners,
Life is hanging by a thread.
Breath begins to slow.
My life in the hands of a killer.
Warm liquid pours from my mouth.
Choking on what seems to be words I just cant speak.
Slash. Another cut appears on my throat.
Life slipping away like the blood coming from my throat.
The last moments in my life are spent saying,
"I'm sorry." Moon Rondeau The pale, diamond moon vanished as the late night turned to morning.
The beginnings turn to endings as the dripping world ends.
The waters begin to pour.
The wind wafers in the last hours.
Love is like a rose.
It is the only gold the people have left.
The button to end the evening is pushed.
The leaves quiver.
We all ban together and put the hat master behind silver bars.
The plaque of our love is stonger than any brass or copper trophy.
We all have love, we just need to show it. The End hello Life
In a
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