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Polar Bears

No description

Jade de Silva

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Polar Bears

Polar Bears
About the Polar Bear
The Polar Bear's first adaptation:

Polar Bears are covered in white fur as you all well know. But why is this? Polar bear's fur has adapted to the colour of its surroundings (white - The snow) to help it blend in and catch its prey.
The Second Adaptation:

Why does a polar bear have very wide, large paws?

Another adaptation of the polar bear.
The Polar bear has very sharp claws and teeth for catching its prey. They eat many things such as:
Harp, hooded, and the occasional ribbon seal
Human garbage!
A polar bear lives in the cold, snowy Arctic lands. They are the largest land carnivores.
The polar bear is a carnivorous bear whose native range lies largely within the Arctic Circle
Scientific Name:
Ursus maritimus
Did you know that a polar bear's skin in BLACK?
This helps it absorb the heat (black absorbs
heat). YAY it can stay warm!
The wide, large paws help a polar bear to walk in the snow and spreads the load on ice and snow.
They particularly like seals :(
The Polar Bears' adaptations.
Another adaptation of the Polar bear:
Strong legs:
The Polar bear has strong legs for swimming, running and catching its prey.
Fat and large body
Because the polar bear has a very large body it gives a small surface area to volume ratio, this also reduces heat loss.
The polar bears body has a thick layer of blubber (fat)that insulates energy
Movie time :D
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