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Mary Downing Hahn

Authors Biography and Writing style

Erma Quimat

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Mary Downing Hahn

Erma Quimat Mary Downing Hahn Anna All Year Round
Anna on the Farm
As Ever, Gordy
The Gentleman Outlaw and Me
Hear the Wind Blow
Stepping on the Cracks Closed for the Season
The Dead Man in Indian Creek The Old Willis Place
Wait Till Helen Comes
Deep and Dark and Dangerous
The Doll in the Garden
Time for Andrew
All the Lovely Bad Ones Daphne's Book
Janey and the Famous Author
Tallahassee Higgins
The Wind Blows Backward. Look for Me by Moonlight
Witch Catcher Childhood
Interesting facts
Watch some videos
Short review + Q&A Biography
How did she become a writer?
"I entered writing through the back door, the picture door instead of the word door."

She tell her stories in her head while she draw but she realize as her stories gets complicated, she needs words too. Not until she got kid and she got her encouragement to fully become a writer. "It sounds like an easy question but it isn't. Ideas come from everywhere—memories of my childhood, stories people tell me, things I see. All it takes is a good "What if" question to begin a story. Sometimes the hardest part is choosing one idea at a time. I have a head full of them—some work, some don't." Where does she get her ideas? "Ghosts occupy a gray area or the twilight zone, so to speak. I've read many "true" ghost stories and have heard dozens of accounts from friends and acquaintances, some of which have been very convincing.

"I suppose you could say I lean toward believing but am not absolutely positive. It's important to keep an open mind. Doubt is good." Does she believes in ghosts? November 1, 2012 Born in 1937 (December 9)
Likes to read and draw when she's young
Went to UMD College Park
2 Daughters
Former Librarian
She's been writing for over 30 yrs.
She wrote over 30 books Presentation of: Resources i used: http://www.edhelper.com/ReadingComprehension_54_3740.html



Google images Overview: Short Q&A What struck you about Mary Downing Hahn? ________________________________________

In what way did she came in the field of writing children books? _______________

Is she from what state ? ____________________
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