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Haile Middle School Engineering Carter.W

No description

carter w

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Haile Middle School Engineering Carter.W

design process is a 5 steps process
on making projects or new infentions
I have been working on my e-car. And so far I made
it to the chassis. I made my chassis into wood and about to cut out the slot in the middle of the chassis.
My Career Path
Through out this class I learned a lot of new
types of career I could take in my future.
Aerospace is engineering for making huge space ships and all sorts of machines for space travel. You get to work in the space centers all over
the world coming up with new ideas for space travel
and safety and more. You can build robots for space ships and for exploring new planets. This engineering carrier seems to be the most coolest one ever. Imagine you created a robot to go on a mission to mars and the robot you created was the one that discovered a new alien live form. That will be a huge success for someones career. For this to be your career you better be good at a lot of math, science, and a whole lot more. I think this is a good career for someone like who knows what every importance for this job and loves math and science.
They could've made the pyramid
on solid works for skate boreding.
This is the motor to the e-car.
I used sketch on solid works and clicked the circle sketch to draw the shape of the motor.
This is the front axle.
To make the front axle you
use the smart dimension to make
sure the axle is measured at the right
This is the rear axel. To make it you
use the smart dimension to make mesurements
to where you need them to be.
This is the rear wheel. To make it you have
to fill it in and then measure them to the right measurement.
This is the rear groove wheel. To make the
rear groove wheel its the samething as the
rear wheel bet ofter you fill it you make a groove
through the wheel.
This the front wheel. to make it you have to use boss extrude to make the right measurment for how thick
you need it.
They could'ev used the laser engraver
to engrave the name of the company
that is for getting kids to skate bored instead of being in thestreets. Four Wheel War Poney is the name of tghe company.
Leadership Rally at Braden River High School on Sep. 22, 2012.
1 The objective of the model water tower competition is to make participants aware of the importance of reliable drinking water and the rewarding opportunities available in the water profession.
This is the motor mount. The
motor mount holds the motor. To make the motor look like its reel you have to go to edit material and look for steel and click apply and cloes and it looks like reel steel
This is a 9 volt battery. To make the 9 volt battery you have to use champhers to round out the edges of the battery at any measurement you want.
This is the 9 volt battery clip. To make the 9 volt battery clip you have to sketch out one side of the battery clip then you copy it to the other side to make the shape of the battery clip.
This is the l-bracket. To make the l-bracket you have to use the fillet tool to gut off the edges of the l-bracket.
This is the switch for the e-car. When making the switch you have to use the line tool from sketching tool to make the curve in the middle of the switch.
X ,Y, and Z axis is an axis that helps you rotate
objects on solid works. Also it helps you to see stuff in 3D. Here are some examples of X,Y,and Z axis.
This is Z axis on a wooden mount that was made on solid works.
This is Y axis of the same wooden mount as i showed you with the Z axis.
This is X axis of the same wooden mount as I showed you before.
2 Its based on four critera: structural efficiency, hydraulic efficiency, cost efficiency, and design ingenuity.
9 Volt Battery and 9 Volt Battery Clip.
Mounts to E-Car.
Work through the week:
What they could'ev did with the laser engraver, and what the could'ev made on solid works:
3 Structural efficiency is built roads, bridges, and water towers. When you buy something from a store it was delivered by a truck that had to drive on a road to get to the store. Stuff like roads, bridges, and water towers is called infrastructure. It is a fundamental flamework that allows a city or a community to function. With out it we can't buy or get any thing. Structural efficiency is calculated by dividing the weight of the model when it is empty by the average height of the tank times the amount of water it holds. The lower this number the better.
4 Hydraulic efficiency is the amount of time it takes to fill the model with one gallon of water and to drain it back out again. They judge by on how it will fill the tank through 3/8 inch connector. The less time it takes the better.
5 Cost efficiency is how much you have spent on your water tower. You want to spend nothing on your water tower. That's why you should recyle all the materials that you use The less points you have the better.
$ 0.00-$ 3.00 = 1 pt
$3.01-$ 6.00 = 2pt
$ 9.01-$ 9.00 = 3pt
$9.01- $ 12.00= 4pt
More than $ 12.00= 5pt
6 Design ingenuity means being clever and resourceful with your design. Water is needed for many things farming, the evironment, manufacturing, washing your car, and drinking, ect. You have to be clever and reasourceful to be satisfy of all these seemingly competing objectives.
7. Penalties are:
1. The base of the model must fit in a square 1 foot on each side, or circle with an area of 1ft2.
2. The tank must be 1.5 and 2.5 feet high.
3. The tank must have a vent or removable lid so air can escape and the judges can tell when it is full.
4. When full, the tank must hold less then 1 gal.There will be no advantage for models that hold more then 2.5 gal.
5. Your model should not leak. Hint; test your model to make sure it does not leak and it can hold the weight of the water!
6. The model must use the 3/8 inch connector as supplied.
7. Bring receipts for all materials for your model a 1 pt penalty will be given for each idem not having a receipt( max 3 pt)
8. Bring materials list. Three points will be added to the score if a list is not provided.
9. Models must be designed and built for this year's competition. You may not re-enter models or reused major components from previous competitions.

Penalties will be assessed for not following the above standers. These standers are demonstrated in the diagram attached at the end of this hand-out.
What is the wieght of 2 and half gallons of water:
Around about 25 pounds.
How does water weghit reflect to structural efficiency:
It relates to structural efficiency from the center of graity. The weight of the water has to be in the middle of the tower, if not the tower might fall over becaues there is to much weight on one side of the tower.
Materials for Water Tower:
Bring in a jugg that at least holds 1 gallon.
Bring in a 3/8 OD tuping.
Try to bring in some boxses for storeging supplies for water tower.
Bring something that can hold and to support the water tower like a small stool or make it out of wood.
Bring in fome that they use for sighns.
What is the weight of water in a water tower?
Water Tower 3 Values:
Elastic Collisions.
Elastic Collsions are a plast of kinatic with a hit. When you hit a metal bat it puts power into it. A metal bat puts more power into the ball to let it fly than a wooden bat. When you hit something you put a blast of kinetic energy in it for it to move. kinetic energy is energy that is being used to move something. When you do hit somthing it depends on what metareil you use and how much force you put into it. The more the force the more of blast of kinetic energy. If you used a wooden bat and slamed that ball and see how far it goes. Then use a metal bat with the same amount of force and see how far the ball went. The ball went farther on the metal bat becaues it is more solid and has more matter in ity than a wooden bat. The wooden bat didn't go as far because it is solid but it has small cracks in it and doesn't have as much matter in it as a metal bat. Thats why there was more blast of kinetic energy in the metal bat than a wooden bat.
How do wind tunnels simulate flight?
Air tunnels simulate flight by flying aircraft on ground. What i mean is when scientists test out something that flyies like a new air plane they have to put it in a air tunnel. A air tunnel is basicly are tube like structers or passages in witch wind is greated, useally by a large fan, to flow over objects such as aircraft, engines wings, rocket models or other models of these objects. The object that is placed in the tunnel is connected to instruments that messure and record airflow around the object, and the aerodynamic force that is upon it. From all of the information that is gathered, scientests and engineers can determine if its good for it to take off, and how it will do when its decending or landing. Wind tunnels also help engineers by determining the porformance of eliminating bugs. Today any aircraft is not allowed to take off only if it has ben in a air tunnel and is proven that it will take off and land safley. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration maintains the largest number of variety of wind tunnels ever operated by any single agency or company. Some major air tunnels are so big they can simulate a full size air plane.
25 pounds of water
Mike Rowe with congress
There are gaps in America that people dont't realize. There are so many jobs out there and people with no jobs. People in America that just won't pick up the shuffel and work even though there is a job for them.
The learning statement that is in this video is that some people in America are not willing to do work or take in jobs. The work is hard but the people in America have
o take the job and work hard to earn credit in live.
Identify The Chalenge
Test and Evaluate
Present the Solution
Explore Ideas
Plan and Develop
The Science Behinde Water Rockets:
Water rockets work by putting water in the rocket but just a little so its not to heavy to launch. After that you start pumping air inside the rocket cauesing pressure to build inside. When theres a lot of air presure in side you realese the sealence of the rocket connection to the launching pad, when that happens all the pressure rushes out of the rocket inclueding the water. The water pursts out with a ton of force from the air pressure, there is so much force from the water that the rocket launches in the air.
There is a TSA districts compitition coming up and every won needs three events to compeat in this compitition and won of them is the dragster competition.
By watching cuda country and reading tutroials there are mesurments that have to be meant to make the dragster. In reaserch you have to use 2 wheels in the front and in the back, also if you have a slim shape dragster body it will also go faster than the shape that cuda country gives you.
By using solids works 3d design you can make a CO2 dragster for TSA districts compitition. By following the cuda country's turtorial and following there mesurments the CO2 dragster was made on solid works.
In testing and evaluating on solid works, by using the air flow simulation i can see where the air flow is is having the most stress, and see where the air flow is moving smooth. The dragster is seems that it should zoom through the air smoothy with little stress in the front.
Solidworks High and Low Jobs.
The lowest job reserched for solid works was 24,000-30,000 pre year. The highest job that reserched was 150,000-165,000 mony per year. A packaging job that uses solidworks to design packages for shipment and packages for sales at stores.
TSA Districts Compitition
Proplem Solving
Transportation System
For districts competition 6th graders are recomanded to pick three events for the competition. One of the pick ones was Transportation system that is pretty cool. You make a rubber band powered boat and it halls weight through a cannal.
Another compitetion that was picked is dragtser. In dragster you make a CO2 power car and race it down a track and compete with other people. Dragster is another fun compitition for districts.
Proplem solving is a another fun compitition for districts. In the comptition they give you supplies and tell you to make some thing out of it. to enter the comitition you have to have 2 people to enter, and also have a tool kit to put together the supplies.
By preasenting the dragster there was a prezi presentation in Mr. Ericksons class, that is where the presentation of the dragster was at and explained how solidworks flow works showed where the most stress is at on the dragster. Coming up is districts compitition for TSA. that is where the Co2 dragster will be raced and where it will be displade
Taken The Survey!
In Tech class to day there was a survey that you can take to show Mr. Erickson on how well the class is and what can be changed.
Co2 dragster for CNC Mill
This is a Co2 shell car that will be cut on the CNC mill for TSA compititions for districts.
This dragster is still being adjusted so that it can be more arow dinamic.
6 weeks away is cometitions for districts. The one's that are being used are Transportation system, Dragster, and proplem solving. Right now the CNC mill is down so the dragster can't go on right now, the proplem solving is one that has to be done at home for that the lack of supplies, and last Transportation system will be worked on tomorrow with supplies that will be in.
Goals for Quater 3
Project 1
Co2 dragster is what is going on right now. Cam works is right where the dragster is at. Its so close to be milled out. At least On friday next week is what when the dragster will be milled out with a prototype than the real thing.
Project one
Dragster has bean milled out finally after all of my work. Now its aple to be raced on the 16 for district competitions at Manatee high school.
State Competitions!!!
State competitions is just around the corner and the projects that will be oing on is Transportation system and Technical design. State competitions will be in Orlando Florida At the Double Tree Sea world Hotel. Transportastion system is that you have to make a rubber band power boat to travel through a canel carring 3 1 ounce weights. Technical desighn is that they give you a technical proplem and you have to use the design prosses to solve the egineering design proplem.
Right the notebooks for Transportation System and Technical design are being made and on both of them Im at where you start to design them.
7 Wastes
Creat more product than the customer wants.
Material not neede for yhe product.
Wait for people or parts that wait for a work cycle to be complete.
Unecessary movement for people or parts.
Uneeded move ment for people or parts.
Get the work done right first so you don't have extra work to do.
Over Processing
Process to much than what was requierd.
Bridge Terms
Compression: Stress when things are pressing together.
Dead Load: The weight of the structure it self with no moving travic
or environmental caues.
Deflection: The distance a beam bends from the load of spam.
Force: External Influence which tends to produce changes in its shape or caues of movement.
Live Load: The weight of the live load, the movement of travic or moving structure.
Moment: The constantness of a force to the cause of a rotating force.
Shear: Stress in a transversely on a member in opposite directions.
Tension: Stress that is pulling apart.
Stress: The resistence of an object in outside force.
Strain: The change in shape in an object caused by a force acting upon it.
Nationals Competitions!!!
At Nationals this year it will be in Orlando Florida. One of the competitions that will be there is Transportation System. The boat that was made in State competitions did very well, but there are somethings that can be changed about it. 1 thing is that the probeller can be changed in to a model boats probeller. The boat that was used at states hade a wooden patle in the back, it made it across the entire 8 FT distance it had to travel just really slow. So from what other fellow competitors brought as there probeller the new boat for nationals will be using a model boats propeller and will carry like it did at states 3 3 ounce weights.
Can't go to Nationals
Just found out that on the week of nationals is when where that the trip to Utha for me is when it will happen so can't go to nationals sadly but in glass is where structure design is happenming so for now on that will be going on, kepp checking in on this prezi for more info on Structure design and bridge building.
My bridges
Cost: 18,976,016.70
bridge building
Latley in class there has bean bridge building and the bridge that Carter and Bradley are working on is complete. The amount of wood that was given was 240 inches of balsa wood and used 233 of the balsa wood that was given. The drawling is realy close to the actual bridge all there is wrong with the bridge with the drawling is the messurements a little bit, and the positioning. Over all its a realy sturty bridge and holds together greatly.
We started!!!
In class we started bridge building. The recieved amount of wood that was given was 240 inches and so far the group Bradley and Carter is using from the caculations are 233 inches of wood. At this point we barley began so did the rest of the groups. The first part that we started to put together is the right side. So far every thing is looking breaty good.
my bridge average is 90.21 pounds
walk along gliders
We have moved on from bridges to walk along gliders. These gliders fly by having air pushed up by a bored to under the glider. The project is to make all four gliders and being able to fly them by friday the 17. The gliders are the tumbler, baby bug, mama bug, and the jag. The tumbler or the tumble wing is made up of phone book paper or magizine paper. The tumble wing is tyo pieces of this type of paper taped together only at the ends of the paper with a whole in the middle. When you drop it it starts to tumple down slowly. All of the other gliders are made of foam and glider foward if made and bent correctly.
All Gliders
Mama Bug
Baby Bug
Thomson jag wing
So far the Thomson jagwing has bean made and flys smoothly. The baby bug is being made and still being adjusted for flying correctly.
The baby bug
The baby bug is complete. So far the baby bug has bean flying great. At first the foam that was being used was to flimsy, then an idea came to mind to use the weir that you use for the front of the glidder to add weight was used to the glidder to hold its curve about 2 inches off of the ground to make it fly right. Right now the baby bug has a lot of weight and because of that when you let it go to fly it falls straight down. Then thats when a long strang of foam was put in front with a little peice of tape at the end of the foam, and now the glidder flys great.
My best glidder
In tech class one of the assignments were to make your best glidder on solidworks. So far the best controled glidder was to jag wing. The jag wing was made on solidworks and in the back of the real jag wing on the sides there should be a 90 decree curve upward and also should have a trangler cut in the middle back. The only parts of the jag wing that were made of thge jag wing was the glidder itself and the elevon in the back.
Saty tuned for more slides coming soon!
It is a program that prepaires students and adults for careers in technology .
what is careerand technology education?
This past week

This past week in class we all have been orginizing the vex kits. Sence after Nationals Competitions the vex kits have been a mess and they have been reorginized and ready for this year. Next week we should start to working on our designs for Hail Middle Schools 2013 and 2014 Vex team.
Identify How Technologies Can Be Used To Repair Damage Caused By Natural Disasters?
When a natural disaster happens a lot can go wrong. Theres a lot of flooding, destroid buildings, no shelter, no food, no water, and much more. Todays technology helps todays world when there are natural desasters. Today we have machines that can help and detect anything. In Florida in Mamai NOAA (National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration) have machines that can detect and predict where a storm is going and if there is a storm. If there is a strom that hits we have machines that can help. If a flood happens and mold starts to grow, today there are machines that can detect mold and get rid of it. There are also different types of portabal shelters today that can profied shelter for thoes who don't. For example tents, RV's, pop up shelters, pop up tents, and so much more. Also there are also portabal beds to sleep on if thoes dont have one. For example there are kots, air machureses, and so much more. There are also many ways of food supply, water supply , and much more. With todays tecnology there are many ways to help repair and rebuild from natural desasters. And there are more and new tecnologies being made every day.
The past two weeks.
In these past two weeks thie hail vex team began to build. Half of there team are working on there logo and the other half is working the robot. The design of there robot will pick up bucky balls and the big beach balls. The robot will have a hanging arm and the arm that picks up both balls. So far on building the main base is almost complete and the arm fram has just began wensday.
What are the importance of water towers, And what is the weight of 2,5 gallons of water?
The importance of water towers are important. With out them cities around the world wont have water supply and no water going through tupes into homes. 2..5 gallons of water weigh about 8 pounds.
The scores of the ruler game
As you can see the scores were the same then go wores.
Second day

Now you see that the scores have improoved in the second day of the ruler game
Third day
Last day
Well as you can see the scores have impourved through out the week
First quiz
In solid works the assignment was to make a part and post it to your prezi. The time line was 10 min to make this part. This part didn't get complete but it was cloes.
Tonights Event
These past 2 weeks
In these past 2 weeks a lot has been done. The robots arm is almost done and as well as the notebook. The arm Is being redesigned to fit in more bucky balls and to lift up the robot on the high bar. The notebook has a lot done, most of the biographies for the team have been done.
Soul craft bike
In the soul craft making of the bike they used a lot of tools. He used cutting tools, bending tools, melting tools, polishing tools, and much more. Computers could improve the design by they could have used solid works to make a better drwaling and prototype. Plus he could have used camworks to mill out the bikes frame.
2 Quiz
Today there was a quiz given that was on solid works. The quiz was to make a part in 15 min and post it. this is the progress on how far the making of the part got to.
This Past Week
In this past week, the robot has been remativide. The arm will now have a six bar and the new intake system is different. Also the new vex arena (Toss Up) has arrived here at Hail Middle School and has been assembled. The robot should be drivable by at least the end of next week, If not then at the begining of the fowlling week.
The First Electric Motor
The electric motor was first invented in the 1800's. It was invented in 1822 by Peter Barlow. It changed the world by making every thing easier to do. For example peaople use to ride bikes but now they use motors to pull them in any type of cart with wheels. The website was www.etikit.edu







Note book
Robot Design
Team Members
One of the Hail Vex team members working on the robot.
This is the arm. Its is a six bar arm, it needs one more bar then it will be complete.
This is the arm design when it was completed. It is at its half way position to its full extent.
The main base of the robot with its brain and main bars for the arm
Two of our team members finishing the base.
The two arms that are at a folding positions when there are not extended
The team members are
Carter.W: Grade 7
Zach.G: Grade 7
Boston.W: Grade 6
Zach .D: Grade 7
Spencer.W: Grade 7
Noah.F: Grade 8
Holdin.: Grade 8

There are quit a few compitestions this year

1. At Bay Shore High School: Vex Tournament. Oct 9
2. At Bay Shore High School: Vex Tournament . Oct 26
3. At Manatee High School: Vex District Tournamnet. Nov 9
4. At Orlando FL: TSA State Competitions. Feb 19-22
5. At Washinton D.C.: TSA National Competitions. July 28-June 2

This Past Week
During this past week the robot has its main arms on and is drivable. Through putting on the arms, some proplems had been discovered. One arm gose higher than the other. But then we fixed it by lossning the bults and screws and now they both go up the same hight. We expect to put on the intake design next week.
Districts has just past and states are coming up! In Vex one of hails teams has won the whole thing and the other team did not survive the first round. For states Vex, STEM animation, and Technical Design is what was choosen. For Vex, the design for states will have the same chasy design but diferent arm design. The arm will have a six bar but not a intake that will omly take in the bucky balls. For Technical Design, there will be supplies for the note book and materials to build prototypes for the compitition that will be gathered. For STEM Animation, there will be a computer graphic made and anlized, illistrated, and comunicated with a notebook.
Todays Assignment


Today assignment was to make the newest iphone.

Medical Robotics

The use of technology in medical uses are exbanding ever day. Every day new things are created. Robots are being made every for any type of medical emergencies. When theres somethingin your blood stream, their robots in todays world that can get that out. Technology is exbanding every day.
The robot design has a six bar, a intake that can tke in small and big balls, it can hang, and it has a four wheel drive. Programming should start this week.
TSA States
Over this past weekend, Floridas TSA's State Conference had accured. Hails Middle schools vex team 2711B had attended this conference as well as its STEM animation team and Technical design team. In the Vex tournament, 2711 won and 2711B came in second, over all 2711 came in 2nd place. In STEM, Haile came in first place. And in Technical Design, Hail made top 10 semi finalists.
VEX State Compitition
On March 1st this past saturday, Hails teams 2711 and 2711B competed in this event. 2711B made it to the semi finals and lost from tipping over and not getting bcak up. But 2711 made it to the championship match and won the whole tournament including the banners and all of the trophies. 2711 is heading to vex worlds compitition! Good job to 2711B and great job to 2711.
Quiz TIME!
This past week, there was a quiz assigned to the class. The quiz was to make 4 parts on lid works.
Out come
Front page
Table of Contents
Team Bio's
Plan of Work Log

Design Process
Pic of Robot
Thoughts of Team Members


April, May, and June
A New Project
The new project that is being manufactured is the chair project.
The chair project is making a simple wooden beach chair on D.C. Solid Works.
Here is what the chair should look like when it is done.
Gear ratio is the ratio between the rates at which the last and first gears rotate.Usaly when wanting a fast speeded wheel or something spinning, the thing to use is a big gear spinning a little gear. Depending on the big gears distance between its teeth, the adjust mant of the speed of the smaller gear can be changed.When wanting a slow wheel spin or something to spin slow, usally a smaller gear spinner a big gear is what should be spinning. When the teeth of the small gear are further apart, it will make the bigger gear spin faster but not that much
In this past week, 2 of the members of 2711B have been reorginizing all of the major vex kits in prepreation for the new comers to vex robotics.
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